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Relgion in Politics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Relgion in Politics - Research Paper Example In fact, the conflict between religion and politics has been great with the main area of focus being in the power of population control. Politics and religion focus on control of the population, but the level of control varies significantly depending on the level of affiliation or allegiance. The desire to control world governments by religion in the past led to serious challenges including the development of rebellion against the religious states and the development of secular states across the world. Currently, there are more secular states that the traditional religious states or government. The success of the change is pegged on the desire to create autonomy between church and state (Pew Research Center). Despite the drive for autonomy, the state leaders are expected to be affiliated with a certain religion. The case is applicable to most countries including the US and European countries. This paper will evaluate the role of religion in politics and changes in politics and religi on by evaluating the changes in trends of governance. Likewise, the current interplay between religion and politics will be evaluated in order to develop the necessary understanding of the current position of religion. History of the relationship of religion and politics The relationship between religion and politics is complex due to several issues associated with both politics and religion. Politics and religion share almost the principles because of the desire to control the population. However, in the past two centuries, the power of religion in shaping political survival has increased significantly by the end of the era coming during the industrial revolution. Coupled with the change in the societal structure and liberalization of the society, the change ensured that the power of religion is greatly reduced and even increased the level of societal liberalizations. The change in population and acceptance of behaviors that religion rejects totally indicates the changing role of r eligion. Through liberalization, the power of religion in shaping the politics of the day has been greatly reduced (Hawkins). The collapse of communism and the end of the famous cold war was viewed as the beginning of a change. However, it was not the end of the global conflict. After the cold war and the end of communism, the dictatorship governments of the time started crumbling and then led to the growth of democracy. The rule of majority spread very fast giving rise to a new world order, which was based on freedom peace and market economies. The peace existing globally affected the spending on security. In fact, the US reduced spending on military operations by closing its overseas bases. The growth of radical Islam throughout Asia during the century was not an issue affecting the western countries because it was not an issue of grave concern. The conflicts in Palestine and other countries were not viewed as important. In addition, the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan was n ot viewed as a potential problem. The peace allowed tranquility in the world, but ensured that the animosity and hatred of many Muslims towards perceived Jewish and Christian imperialism increased. In the US, Christianity underwent resurgence including the teaching of the family values by the conservatives. During the time, Christianity enjoyed the respect as one of the historical foundations of the western culture. The influence of

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