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The Pros And Cons Of Early Retirement - 1326 Words

The Pros and Cons of Early Retirement kw: benefits of early retirement Meta: If you can get the money together fast enough, there are some benefits of early retirement. Find out the pros and cons of retiring early. While many Americans are still working to recover from the recession of 2007 to 2009, the economy has picked up in recent years. The dreams of retiring early are back. According to one survey, an estimated 37 percent of Americans expect to retire before the age of 65. There are some drawbacks and benefits of early retirement that people should expect. Obviously, the first problem is saving enough to support yourself for the rest of your life. Other than the money, there are other things that can disrupt your retirement†¦show more content†¦Plus, they were able to enjoy a higher pension. While studies like this one show that retiring early might not hurt your health, there are some studies that show that it could increase your risk of dying early. We will cover that risk and some of these studies in the next section. 3. You Can Start a New Career For decades, you have thought about writing the next great American novel. Now, you finally have time do that. A number of businesses are actually started by people who retire from their first jobs. Once you no longer need to work, you can pick any career or industry that you want. Unlike a 20-year-old adult, you have a wealth of experience on your resume. Plus, you are retiring early enough to still be appealing to a potential boss. The Cons of Retiring Early The benefits of early retirement are numerous, there are also some problems that you can expect along the way. These issues depend on what you do after retirement, how much you have to retire on and your current health problems. 1. Smaller Social Security Benefits Unfortunately, retiring early can mean that your Social Security benefits decrease. Let s assume that you were born in 1960 and started taking Social Security payments when you turn 62. These payments will now be 30 percent less than if you reach your full retirement age of 67. If you were to delay your benefits a until 68, you would have another 8 percent increase in your monthlyShow MoreRelatedRetirement Benefits For Small Businesses902 Words   |  4 PagesRetirement is a major life event. Many people are living in retirement well beyond 20 years. For this reason, planning for retirement is vital. Unfortunately few Americans are saving adequately for their retirement. Reports reveal that a startling 68% of working-aged people, age 25-64, do not participate in an employer-sponsored plan. One reason for this is because a large number of Americans work for small businesses that do not provide retirement benefits. Small businesses are not required toRead MoreShould The United States Raise The Age For Social Security1616 Words   |  7 Pagesthe future of the Social Security Program, and finally state the Pros and Cons to the proposed raising of the age requirement for minimum payout. A BRIEF HISTORY President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the countries first Social Security program in 1935 as a part of his New Deal Program. The United States was in the midst of the Great Depression and due to the stock market crash of 1929 and bank failures, many American’s retirement savings accounts were destroyed. As a result, the poverty ratesRead MorePrivatization, the Best Option for Social Security Reform Essay842 Words   |  4 Pagesskeptical about the future of Social Security and are worried they will not receive the full pay out of benefits in the future. In the following pages I will state the reasons why Social Security is in need of reform, describe privatization and the pros and cons, and why privatization is the best option for Social Security reform. Current problems with the Social Security fund exist, and are the reasons why Social Security is in the need of reform. According to Forbes Magazine, the fund is expected toRead MoreSun Hydraulics Essay1623 Words   |  7 Pagespresident and CEO of Sun Hydraulics Corporation, to address the employees and shareholders of his decision on how Sun plans to deal with labor and profits during these tough times. I recommend that Sun Hydraulics should proceed with layoffs and early retirement plans to effectively and immediately reduce labor costs during the present recession. This approach seen by some as a short-term solution, allows Sun to rid itself of low performers that the present corporate structure has failed to do. NotRead MoreThe Importance Of Succession Planning1520 Words   |  7 Pagesdefined as the method whereby skilled employees are trained to fit the future plans of an organization. In addition, succession management refers to a measure used by organization in developing and retaining their talent from start to the time of retirement (Belcourt et al., 2013, p. 200). Succession planning is important because, it helps an organization retain best hands and job fit for specific roles. According to peter Drucker, â€Å"the litmus test of a good management is succession management, ensuringRead MoreWorking Outside Of The Traditional Workplace1225 Words   |  5 Pagesmay pose a greater cost of maintenance and upkeep. If external vendors are brought into workplaces, this may pose a security threat to the company. Lastly, the fourth issue identified, the potential for older retirement ages, may mean that less workers have the opportunity to enjoy retirement and less time to enjoy their financial savings before they pass away. Evaluate Alternatives A major concern for entry-level workers across the nation is the lack of job security. Rapidly growingRead MoreEssay on The Pros and Cons of Gay Marriage1019 Words   |  5 PagesSome people approve of it, but also, some do not. Society also plays a big part in the gay marriage legalization process. Same-sex marriage is a major controversial issue in the United States; specific examples would be the views of Americans, pros and cons of same-sex marriage, and the reality of it in the United States. The views of Americans are extremely different from one another. The people of America have many different opinions about gay marriage. In 1996, 27 percent of United States citizensRead MoreRetirement Setbacks By Jane Bennett Clark1242 Words   |  5 PagesRetirement Setbacks Retirement is one phase of life that is of grieve concern for everyone. For some, it heralds a time to forget the hustle and bustle of a nine to five job commitment and to bask in the delight of the golden age. Unfortunately, the reality of living doesn t always agrees with the carefree intentions of joy and splendor. For many of us, there is a lot to consider when transitioning into retirement. This is where decisions become more calculated and is executed consciously inRead MoreCollege Athletes Should Be Paid1471 Words   |  6 Pagesthe people who do get paid. Why should they not be paid? There are many pros for why they should get paid, but there are also many cons on why they should not get paid. The athletes should get paid because of how hard they work in season and the off-season. Do not pay all of the athletes, but pay the ones who are at a D1 college. The athletes should get paid because they put in the same amount of time as the pros do, and the pros get paid. There are many good things that can come out of paying collegeRead MoreThe Economical Issues With Social Security1700 Words   |  7 Pagesbut as time past, there seems to be a great deal of economic issues relating to the program. Social Security was created to help benefit retired workers, spouse and children of deceased workers, as well as workers who have become disabled before retirement. This insurance program provides retirees with a steady income once they retire. President Roosevelt signed the program into law on August 14,1935 (â€Å"FDR signs†, 2009). Since then, Social Security has been beneficial for many workers and retirees

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How Does John Steinbeck Create the Theme of Loliness in of Mice and Men Free Essays

The Theme of Loneliness in of Mice and Men Summary:    Loneliness plays an important role in John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. As Steinbeck illustrates through Curley’s wife, Candy, and Crooks, companionship and a sense of belonging are vital to human happiness; all three characters face problems and negative feelings because of their loneliness and isolation. [pic] Loneliness is one of the primary themes in Of Mice and Men. We will write a custom essay sample on How Does John Steinbeck Create the Theme of Loliness in of Mice and Men or any similar topic only for you Order Now Throughout the novel, John Steinbeck shows the enormous effect that loneliness has on the characters. Steinbeck most clearly illustrates this theme through Crooks, Candy, and Curley’s wife. Ranch hands are ideal types of people to portray as being lonely, because their constant travel leaves them without someone to talk to or share things with. Steinbeck also shows how important it is for every human being to have a companion. Companionship is necessary in order for someone to live an enjoyable life. Although loneliness affects each one of the characters in Of Mice and Men differently, they all experience negative feelings from their lack of companionship. In Of Mice and Men, no other character outwardly conveys their loneliness more so than Curley’s wife. She†¦.. Curly’s wife is perhaps one of the most significant themes of loneliness in the novel. She flirts with all the guys on the farm and dresses and acts like a **** because her husband does not love her,leaves her alone all day and she’s lonely. Weirdly enough,I felt sorry for her because she is trapped feeling lonely in a loveless marriage,and besides no one on the ranch ever really gives her a chance to be change,they just take one look at her and say â€Å"She’s trouble†,or â€Å"I think Curly’s wife is a tart†. †¢Crooks is another great theme of lonliness in the novel too. Because Crooks is African-American during the Great Depression,he is left out of the crowd at the ranch,and spends his days all alone in the stable,thus he is called The Stable Buck How to cite How Does John Steinbeck Create the Theme of Loliness in of Mice and Men, Papers

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Global Production and Sourcing Rationalization †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Global Production and Sourcing Rationalization. Answer: Introduction: Australia with a population of 24 Million is a big developing market for Amazons growth strategy, the company decided to foray into the Australian market in the year 2017 with a view to strengthen its global footprint. However, the performance in the Australian market has been lukewarm due to least number of sellers in the market management and more so because online retail is not as big a hit in Australia as in the US (Carson, 2017). Amazon has opened a vast new distribution warehouse just outside of Melbourne to serve the customers, who were initially paying huge shipping costs. The newly constructed warehouse now aides the buyers with the option of same day delivery. The strategy of Amazon in any of its global markets is the same Go global and think Local, which is also called as Glocal. It will really be immature to predict the rate of penetration of Amazon in the Australian market by the initial numbers, as a new market always takes time to stand on its feet. However, Amazon is extremely sure of its business model and marketing research that it will soon taste the fruits of success. In the earlier days, people had to pay huge sum of money towards the packaging and shipping costs to get the goods from Amazon, the company has successful eliminated this by opening up a huge warehouse centre. In the future lies, many more such warehouse, fulfilment centres and even joint collaboration with existing e-commerce pla yers to leverage the already acquired customers information (OConnor, 2017) Amazon Global Strategy UK was the first international market for Amazon way back in the year 1998, ever since the company has moved into more than 12 countries and improving the online shopping experience of the customers. Amazon used acquisition marketing strategy in the UK, Germany and France; the company acquired the largest online bookstores and eventually started selling other product and services in that market. Japan was a different market for Amazon, thus the company opened a fulfilment centre to cater the needs of the huge market (Lorenzo, 2017). In the emerging markets like India, the company used the similar model; it started selling its books and DVD through Junglee.com and later acquired it. Thus, it can be easily said that company uses its marketing expertise and research to enter into a foreign market; the strategies are a combination of Warehouses, fulfilment centres, acquisition and joint venture (Kotabe Murray, 2018). References Carson, G. (2017). Retail-Never forget the cycle.Equity,31(4), 10. Kotabe, M., Murray, J. Y. (2018). Global Sourcing Strategy management: An Evolution in Global Production and Sourcing Rationalization. InAdvances in Global Marketing(pp. 365-384). Springer, Cham. Lorenzo, L. (2017). Targeting International Customers in Japanese E-commerce: A Web Content Analysis of the Marketing Mix in Rakuten and Amazon. co. jp. O'Connor, T. (2017). Retail response.MHD Supply Chain Solutions,47(4), 38.

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Student Exchange Program and Educational Tours free essay sample

Educational tourism is a rapidly expanding area in the travel and tourism industry. It is also known as career enhancement or self-enrichment programme which comes in various formats namely foreign student exchange programmes and business conventions. However, all forms of educational tours have one point in common, which is to increase the travellers’ knowledge. Therefore, educational tourism should undeniably be used as a form of education as it effectively facilitates learning and greatly benefits the travellers. One of the benefits of joining educational tourism is that the foreign students who involved in the exchange programme will return home as a more independent and self-reliant person. This is because the participants will be able to carry out their daily routines without relying on others. Participants will develop higher level of confidence in making decisions in the future because they are obligated to complete certain tasks on their own. In addition, by participating in educational tours, students can gain more experience such as the lifestyle and culture of other countries. We will write a custom essay sample on Student Exchange Program and Educational Tours or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Students will be able to get in touch with the language of the foreign country and could learn in through practical immersion. It is a much safer way for students to gain knowledge because they will be accompanied by their friends and led by their teachers. When students are travelling in a group, they can exchange information and improve each other’s learning. Students will have an enjoyable experience and parents will feel relieved as their children are in a safe environment. It is argued that educational tourism has been doing more harm than good as it degrades the environmental conditions. It has been indicated that the air, water and wild life’s original state have been disrupted due to the increasing number of educational tourists. However, this argument is invalid because the natural resources are used not only by tourists but also by the locals. Furthermore, tourists are the minority in the area. In addition, they stay there for a much shorter period of time compared to the locals. A good educational tour will educate participants on becoming responsible tourists. Thus, participants of the tour will be aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Educational tours give participants an opportunity to acquire experience that cannot be obtained within the classroom. It also enables participants to be exposed to other social and cultural values. Thus, schools and institutes of higher education should organise and encourage their students to participate in educational tours as it efficiently aids the learning process and greatly broadened students’ perspectives. (421 words) Final editing Educational tourism is a rapidly expanding sector in the travel and tourism industry. It is also known as career enhancement or self-enrichment programme where the educational institutes offer student exchange programmes and educational tours to their students. These educational tours have one common objective, which is to increase the travellers’ knowledge. Therefore, educational tourism should be incorporated in the curriculum syllabus as it facilitates independent learning and provides safer alternatives for students to gain new experiences that could connect with the theories they learned through the overseas tours. One benefit of joining educational tours is that the students who are involved in the exchange programmes will become more independent in their own learning. As they are living overseas for a short period of time, they need to ensure that they manage their time well and complete their course works on time. Although the host institution may assign a mentor to guide these students, they still need to carry out their daily routines without relying on their family and own friends who are not around to help them. This kind of experience will help the students to develop higher level of confidence in making decisions because they are obligated to complete certain tasks on their own. Being able to make decision effectively will contribute to independent learning as the students learn how to decide themselves without being told of what they should do. In addition, educational tourism can be considered as a safer option for young students to gain new experience and knowledge through educational tours and exchange programmes. It will be much safer for students to travel on educational tours as they will be will be accompanied by their friends and led by their teachers. When students are travelling in a group, they can exchange information and check with each other. In other words, they can discover new ideas through group discussion in a new environment. Their teachers or the guides at the host destinations can provide important information to help the students to adapt to the new environment. In this way, students can have an enjoyable learning setting at overseas and experiment with different ways of learning. Through proper guidance and controlled environment, parents can be assured of the safety of their children in a new educational environment. It is argued that educational tourism is doing more harm than good as it worsens the environmental conditions. It is found that the air, water and wild life’s original state have been negatively affected due to the increasing number of educational tourists. However, this argument is invalid because the natural resources are used not only by tourists but also by the locals. Furthermore, tourists are the minority group in the area. In addition, they stay at the area for a much shorter period of time compared to the local community. A good educational tour will usually educate tour participants on becoming responsible tourists. Thus, participants of the tour will be aware of the importance of preserving the environment and will not behave irresponsibly. In conclusion, educational tours allow students to take charge of their own learning and enable them to learn new knowledge in a safer environment with proper planning. Thus, schools and institutes of higher education should consider organising educational tours and encouraging their students to participate in this activity as it can aid the learning process and greatly broadened students’ perspectives on world knowledge. (565 words)

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Starship Troopers essays

Starship Troopers essays Throughout history, humans have thought of ways to improve the many types of technology. Not only has technology created many differences between the lifestyle of each generation to that of the next, but it has changed the way the world views gender relations. Through the movies Starship Troopers and The Lonely, each film demonstrates their perspective on technology and how technology can establish the equality between men and women. The positive use of technology is seen throughout the movie Starship Troopers. In the beginning of the movie, Johnny Rico and his girlfriend, Carmen Ibanez checks their math scores on a virtual scoreboard. A person is able to view their grade by submitting a password and the grade immediately shows up on a screen. This type of technology is well before its time - especially in schools. Upon graduating high school, Rico volunteers for the Mobile Infantry to fulfill his Federal Service. Far from having patriotic motives, Rico has joined the infantry to win the heart of Carmen, who has signed up for the Fleet Academy to become a starship pilot. In the Mobile Infantry and Fleet Academy, technology is at its prime. The guns that the infantry uses are laser equipped. In an infantry targeting exercise, real laser fires from dummy soldiers striking many soldiers. Some of the infantry high-tech weapons include a nuclear missile that can be fired in a bazooka-like canon. Besides that, the entire Fleet Academy is based in space. Even now, there are no space stations of that size orbiting the Earth - let alone an Academy hosting thousands of soldiers. The space ships in the Academy are large and heavily equipped. Never has a ship that colossal ever been sent up in space. Not only are they just large, they are very high-tech as well. Each mother ship has afterburners that are used to escape asteroids or other harmful obstacles. In the middle of the movie, there is a scene where all the mother ships were flying ...

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Rod Rosenstein Biography

Rod Rosenstein Biography Rod Rosenstein (born Rod Jay Rosenstein on January 13, 1965) is an American attorney and former criminal prosecutor who investigated tax fraud and public corruption before being tapped by Republican President George W. Bush to serve in the Department of Justice as a U.S. attorney in Maryland. Rosenstein enjoyed support and respect from Republicans and Democrats alike and served as the second in command at the Department of Justice under Bushs two successors in the White House, Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump. Rosensteins political legacy, though, will very likely center on his controversial move to appoint Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate Russias attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election. Fast Facts: Rod Rosenstein Full Name: Rod Jay RosensteinKnown For: Deputy U.S. attorney general who appointed and oversaw special counsel Robert S. Mueller IIIs investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential electionBorn: Jan. 13, 1965, in Lower Moreland, near PhiladelphiaParents Names: Robert and Gerri RosensteinSpouses Name: Lisa BarsoomianChildrens Names: Julia and AllisonEducation: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 1986 (B.S. in economics); Harvard Law School, 1989 (J.D.)Key Accomplishments: Winning respect from Republicans and Democrats alike in Washington as he became the longest-serving U.S. attorney in the country during the administration of President Donald Trump Early Years Rod Rosenstein was born and raised in Lower Moreland, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, where his father operated a small business and his mother served on a local school board. It was there, he said at his confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate, that he learned straightforward values. Work hard. Play by the rules. Question assumptions, but treat everyone with respect. Read widely, write coherently and speak thoughtfully. Expect nothing, and be grateful for everything. Remain gracious in times of defeat, and humble in moments of victory. And try to leave things better than you found them. Rosenstein attended public schools and graduated from Lower Moreland High School in 1982. He then entered the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied public policy, management, and economics. His interest in government led him to Harvard Law School after graduation. Rosenstein served as an intern for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts, a position that had a lasting impact on his career as a public servant. Career in Law Rosensteins long career as a government attorney began in 1990, when he first joined the Department of Justice as a trial attorney with the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division. From there, he launched into decades of prosecuting drug dealers, white-collar criminals and public corruption. As the U.S. attorney for Maryland, Rosenstein pressed for longer sentences for felons and battled inner-city gangs. Among Rosensteins most high-profile cases were prosecutions of: Baltimores elite Gun Trace Task Force, whose mission was to get guns off the streets and violent criminals behind bars; eight of its nine members were alleged in 2017 to have abused their power by shaking city residents down for cash, drugs and jewelry. Some members of the squad confessed to robbing residents, planting drugs on innocent people and reselling the substances to others.A Baltimore man who shot and killed a 3-year-old toddler who was playing on her front porch in Baltimore in 2014; the case remained unsolved for about three years when Rosenstein in 2017 accused a 28-year-old gang member of firing the gun at a member of a rival faction. These cases do not solve themselves. They get solved because of extraordinary work by honorable, decent, diligent law enforcement officers, Rosenstein said at the time.Dozens of people in prison-corruption scandals at the Eastern Correctional Institution in Westover; employees there were accused of smuggling drugs, cigarettes, cellphones an d pornographic movies into the facility and selling them. Rosenstein also: Recommended the firing of FBI Director James Comey over his handling of the investigation into Democrat Hillary Clintons email servers.Appointed Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III to investigate Russias attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the case. Legal observers describe him as a tough, law-and-order prosecutor who is also fair-minded and nonpartisan. Heres a look at the various positions Rosenstein held prior to his time as deputy to Attorney General Sessions. 1993-94: Counsel to the deputy attorney general;1994-95: Special assistant to the Criminal Division’s assistant attorney general;1995-97: Associate independent counsel under Ken Starr, whose office investigated Bill and Hillary Clintons business and real-estate dealings in Arkansas.1997-2001: Assistant U.S. Attorney in Maryland.2001-05: Principal deputy assistant attorney general for the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, supervising criminal sections and coordinating tax enforcement activities of the Tax Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Offices and the Internal Revenue Service.2005-17: U.S. Attorney in Maryland, overseeing federal criminal and civil litigation.2017-Current: Deputy U.S. attorney general following President Donald J. Trumps nomination on Jan. 31, 2017, and Senate confirmation on April 25, 2017. Personal Life Rosenstein and his wife, Lisa Barsoomian, live in Maryland and have two children, Allison Liza and Julia Paige. Barsoomian worked as a government prosecutor and, later, as a lawyer for the National Institutes of Health. Important Quotes It is important to separate the role of politics in setting priorities and the decision to prosecute cases. And in the Justice Department that is what we do on a daily basis, that is how are trained. - Speaking to an ABC affiliate about his role as deputy attorney general.â€Å"The oath of office is an obligation. It requires me to support and defend the Constitution of the United States; to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution; and to well and faithfully discharge the duties of my office. I have taken that oath several times, and I have administered it many times. I know it by heart. I understand what it means, and I intend to follow it.† - Speaking at his confirmation hearing in 2017. Role in Trump Russia Investigation Rosenstein was a relatively unknown political figure outside of Maryland, even after being tapped as deputy attorney general and assuming oversight of Muellers investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. Rosenstein drew Trumps ire after appointing the special counsel, but threw his career into jeopardy by suggesting to colleagues he secretly record Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration. Rosenstein also was said to have discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment, which allows for the forceful removal of a president outside of the constitutional impeachment process.  Rosenstein denied the reports. While Rosenstein held onto his job after that controversy, Trump passed him over for a promotion in late 2018 when Session was fired as attorney general. Rosenstein had been the heir apparent to the position because of the terms of the federal Attorney General Succession Act, which gives the deputy attorney general authority when the top position becomes vacant. Sources Davis, Julie Hirschfeld, and Rebecca R. Ruiz. â€Å"Caught in White House Chaos, Justice Dept. Official Seeks Neutral Ground.† The New York Times, The New York Times, 22 May 2017.â€Å"Meet the Deputy Attorney General.† The United States Department of Justice, 21 June 2017.â€Å"U.S. Attorney in Baltimore Is Trumps Pick to Be Deputy Attorney General.† The Washington Post, WP Company, 14 Jan. 2017.Vignarajah, Thiru. â€Å"A Look at the Past Work of the Deputy AG Who Called for Comeys Firing.† Vox, Vox, 10 May 2017.

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Aspects of intercultural communication in international business Essay

Aspects of intercultural communication in international business - Essay Example At the same time it is not easy to engage in effective international communication because of the cultural, social, political, environmental, legal and communal differences between the countries. Verbal and nonverbal communication aspects are different between countries and the organization planning for internationalization must give proper training to their employees for effectively communicating with the people of the target country. In order to analyse the importance of intercultural communication in international business this paper evaluates probable intercultural communication strategies an American company needs to adopt in China, with the help of cultural dimensions of international communications formulated by Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars and David A Victor It is possible to communicate using the mother tongue. But, even using mother tongue, it is difficult to communicate effectively. Communication is a complex process which is associated with so many parameters. Communication occur both in verbal and nonverbal forms. In fact most of the communication occurs in nonverbal format compared to the verbal format. Body language, gestures, facial expressions etc can communicate lot of things. Fox (2004), has pointed out that even the dresses can communicate so many things about a person or culture (Fox, 2004, p.275) Cross cultural communication is an existential necessity (Wierzbicka, 1997, p.21). Especially in the current globalized era intercultural communication is necessary for international business and cultural integration. Intercultural communication is the most difficult one because such communication can lead towards misunderstanding if not controlled properly. Berger (1996) has mentioned that intercultural communication continually involves misunderstanding, misperception and misevaluation (Berger, 1996, p.72). Desire to understand and connect with the host population, self knowledge, self assurance and control,

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Observation 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Observation 2 - Assignment Example It also appealed to the social-emotional development as Elmo met people on the street. The interaction comprised of exchanging greetings and people helping Elmo find the alphabets. Bob the builder is a fantastic children TV series. Bob is a builder who fixes houses and other household items. For the children, it is educational and fun to learn about tools. In this episode Bob’s saw wears out and he had to replace it (YouTube, 2013). The series shows children how to protect themselves; the character Bob wears a helmet that is a lesson for children to protect themselves when they work around tools and machines. Although the series is gender-neutral, but there is a little hint of associating the tool work with men. I dont find it too dangerous because most of the handymen are males. Handling the tools and machines is relatively easier for men. I would allow my children to watch this series. Children can learn a lot by watching this cartoon series. The series nurtures children’s cognition and also teaches them how to engage with people. It feeds the necessary social intelligence. Kung Fu Panda depicts a team of animals fighting against the enemy to protect their village princess (YouTube, 2014). It is not educational in the sense that it does not teach children how to count or to teach them the alphabets. But it does teach them leadership skills and how to engage with the group. There is also a hint of Chinese/Japanese honor system where the character of panda, Po, is very devoted towards his masters, especially the princess (YouTube, 2014). It teaches children how to honor their mentors. It does not necessarily help educate children about their cognition or emotional intelligence, but it does teach them some values. Sesame Street and Bob the Builder are excellent shows, and there is hardly anything that I would point out as detrimental to child’s development. From the beginning to the end of

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To Kill a MockingBird Essay Example for Free

To Kill a MockingBird Essay The portrayal of the black community at that time was reader’s first glimpse of the black community in Maycomb, which is portrayed in an overwhelmingly positive light. At first the reader may think that the black community is poor and hospitable, however at closer interpretation, one will see that the adversity seems to bring the people closer together and creates a stronger sense of community than is found in the Whites’ own church. â€Å"It was an ancient paint- peeled frame building, the only church in Maycomb with a steeple and bell, called First Purchase because it was paid for from the first earnings of freed slaves. One can tell from this quote that the church was very old and dilapidated. The church was called First Purchase because it was bought with the first earnings of freed slaves. This shows that the slaves were very poor, but at the same time, religious. They were willing to sacrifice their earnings for the building of a church for themselves. This gives an impression to the reader that the blacks were also very pious. It shows the respect they have for their religion and how they do the extent to achieve what they want. Thus it tells us that they could take hardship and the name of the church will serve as a constant reminder to all the blacks that the church was built out of their own pockets. â€Å"Negroes worshipped in it on Sundays and white men gambled in it on weekdays. †The white people who gambled in this church knew that they were gambling in a church, which was also the only black owned building in the town. Gambling is a sin and they thought that it was acceptable to be sinful in the only black possession in Maycomb. This routine of weekly gambling was an extreme disrespect to the black race and it exhibited the authority and control the white race had over the black population. There were few people who felt blacks deserved equality and those who expressed their feelings were lynched. This gives the impression that the blacks were prejudiced against and even the church – the only sole property they can consider theirs will be controlled by the whites. The blacks were felt as inferior to the whites. â€Å"Hearts of love hairdressing mingled with safoetida snuff, Hoyt’s Cologne, Brown’s Mule, peppermint, and lilac talcum. The blacks were also seen as very well- groomed, and made the effort to dress themselves up before going out, especially when going to church or other special events. This shows that the blacks had a sense of style, and unlike our ideal â€Å"imagination† of the blacks of low class, it gives the impression that they are able to style up, which is very special and unique. â€Å"The men stepped back and took off their hats; the women crossed their arms at their waists, weekday gestures of respectful attention. They parted and made a small pathway to the church door for us. † It gives the impression that the blacks are very respecting and allowing. Unlike the whites who do not allow them to go to their â€Å"white† church, the blacks do not mind a white going to their church and even take it as something honourable. The only one hostile exception in the whole passage is when Lula confronts them. However it only gives the impression that only one or two of the whole community is unfriendly. The change of tone in Calpurnia when speaking in the kids’ house and at the church also demonstrates the gulf between blacks and whites in Maycomb: not only do class distinctions and bigotry divide the two races, but language does as well. The last paragraph shows us that even though one or two might be too sensitive towards the whites, the rest of the community is very open-minded. From â€Å"She’s a trouble-maker from way back, got fancy ideas an’ haughty ways – we’re mighty glad to have you all†, it shows that the black are not all perfect in a sense that some might be less open-minded. In conclusion, I feel that the impressions of the black shown in this extract from the book shows us some positive sides to the blacks. And although our own first â€Å"idea† of a black is poor, dirty, unfriendly etcetera, through this part it’s the opposite. The change of tone in Calpurnia when speaking in the kids’ house and at the church also demonstrates the gulf between blacks and whites in Maycomb: not only do class distinctions and bigotry divide the two races, but language does as well.

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The Sophistication of the Brain Essay -- Neurology

To what extent is it true that the brain is a sophisticated information processor? The human brain is the most important part of the nervous system. The brain along with the spinal cord makes up the central nervous system and together they control all of the body’s important functions, such as motor functions, speech, vision, hearing and also involuntary functions like breathing. Many of these functions are localised to a specific area of the cerebrum. The cerebrum is split into four lobes; the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes, which are specialised to carry out their different roles. The cortex is divided into two hemispheres; the left hemisphere is associated with motor control, speech and language functions and logic; whereas the right hemisphere is linked to spatial perception and creativity. Communication in the brain occurs via neurons which transmit electrical impulses to other neurons by neural conduction (Wickens, 2009). They are connected by synapses which are small gaps between two nerve cells. There are approximately one billion neurons in the brain (Wickens, 2009), meaning that there are even more synapses. Synapses allow electrical impulses to be passed from neurone to neurone as chemical messages in the form of neurotransmitters, since electrical messages cannot cross the synapse. Cognitivism was developed in the 1960s to help explain what behaviourism and the biological perspective could not. It aims to find out how conscious thought processes can affect behaviours. The theory likens the processes of the mind to the way in which a computer processes information. The modularity of the mind theory was mentioned by Jerry Fodor in his 1983 book ‘Modularity of Mind’. He suggests that the mind is compos... ...splayed on the screen. However, the brain is not as fast as a computer when completing tasks that involve calculations or retrieving information from the stores. Nevertheless it is capable of understanding emotions and storing data by the depth of processing. It can encode semantically which does not require rehearsal and allows memories to be retrieved easily without cues. Works Cited Baddeley, A. (2000). The episodic buffer: a new component of working memory? Trends in Cognitive Science. 4 (11): 417–423. Jarvis, M. (2000) Theoretical Approaches in Psychology. East Sussex: Routledge. Lytton, W. W. (2002). From Computer to Brain: Foundations of Computational Neuroscience. New York: Springer-Verlag Parkin, A.J. (2000) Essential Cognitive Psychology. Sussex: Psychology Press. Wickens, A. (2009) Foundations of Biopsychology. 2nd ed. Essex: Pearson Education.

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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Essay

What’s an NP? A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has additional education and training in a specialty area such as family practice or pediatrics. Pediatric and family practice NPs can provide regular health care for kids. Nurse practitioners have a master’s degree in nursing and board certification in their specialty. A pediatric NP has advanced education, skills, and training in caring for infants, children, and teens. Licensed as nurse practitioners and registered nurses, NPs follow the rules and regulations of the Nurse Practice Act of the state where they work. If accredited through the national board exam, the NP will have an additional credential such as Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Task performed by a pediatric nurse practitioner ï‚ · Diagnosing, treating, evaluating and managing acute and chronic illness and disease ï‚ · obtaining medical histories and conducting physical examinations ï‚ · Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic ï‚ · Prescribing physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments ï‚ · Prescribing pharmacologic treatments and therapies for acute and chronic illness ï‚ · Providing prenatal care and family planning services ï‚ · providing well-child care, including screening and immunizations ï‚ · Providing primary and specialty care services, health-maintenance care for adults, including annual physicals ï‚ · Providing care for patients in acute and critical care settings ï‚ · Counseling and educating patients on health behaviors, self-care skills, and treatment options Education requirements An advanced degree in nursing is required for pursuing a career as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Before a student enrolls in a master’s degree program, completion of an undergraduate degree program in nursing is necessary. While many students complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, other students may choose to complete an associate degree in nursing program followed by an ADN-MSN bridge program Regardless of undergraduate degree choice, the curriculum prepares students for careers as nurses. Undergraduate degrees programs include general education courses and nursing-specific courses and clinical. The clinical experience places students in a live health care setting, such as a hospital or health clinic. Core nursing classes include topics, such as: * Community nursing * Health assessment * Nursing ethics * Anatomy and physiology * Complex health problems Schools that provide programs in this career: USF UCF UF Salary The salary for this career ranges from experience; the more experienced you are the higher your pay the less experienced you are the lower your pay. Average – $92,250 High – $109,688 Low – $81,509 Sources http://www1.salary.com/Nurse-Practitioner-Salary.html http://www.graduatecatalog.ucf.edu/programs/program.aspx?id=1362&tid=708 http://health.usf.edu/nursing/academics/pediatric/index.htm http://admissions.nursing.ufl.edu/degrees/graduate/master-of-science-in-nursing/family-nurse-practitioner/ http://kidshealth.org/parent/system/doctor/nurse_practitioner.html http://education-portal.com/pediatric_nurse_practitioner.html http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_task_performed_by_nurse_practitioners

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Reasons for Suffering Essay

The great philosopher C. S. Lewis once wrote: â€Å"They say of some temporal suffering, ‘No future bliss can make up for it,’ not knowing that Heaven, once attained, will work backwards and turn even that agony into glory† (Keller 34). How can agony and suffering be turned into glory? Suffering is a term that is closely related to the concepts of evil and pain. The verb, suffer, means to undergo or endure. Suffering is linked with the experience of anguish or misery in which humans are aware of the hardships of their intent or function. Suffering, with its biological and psychological matters, may be the result of moral evil where human sin leads to affliction (injustice, greed, war, rape, exploitation) or of natural evil (droughts, floods, earthquakes, accident, illness). Suffering, as a state of mind, may also relate to circumstances of places, possessions and people rather than evil (Atkinson 823). Suffering may be due to unrelieved pain, not all pain, as a physical state, necessarily means suffering. God allows us to suffer upon earth. He does not, however, make us suffer. It is our own faults, because of sin, which we suffer. Suffering is caused by sin, which is the rebellion of creation that God had made for us. Sin and suffering are related to each other and also go together. Sin produces suffering, which we can then assume that all suffering, somewhere and somehow, is caused by sin (Henry 651). The Book of Job says important things about suffering. Almost everyone at some point in life asks, â€Å"Why do bad things happen to good people? The Book of Job does not really answer the question, â€Å"Why is there suffering? † But it does show right and wrong ideas and feelings about suffering and the meaning of life (online). Job is a man who is wise, rich, and good. Then suddenly terrible things happen to him. His ten children are killed. He loses all his wealth. And he becomes ill with a painful skin disease. Three friends come to visit him, and they try to explain to Job why these bad things have happened. They tell job that sin caused his suffering and God was punishing him. Job insists it is not true, but no one believes him. Job becomes very discouraged and angry but he still believes God cares about him, although he may not understand why he must suffer so. In the end, God answers Job in a hirlwind, reminding him that humans can never understand how great God is. After Job hears God speak, he says, â€Å"I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee. Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes. (Job 42:5-6 KJV). â€Å" Job realized that his trust in God should not depend on what happens to him. God says that Job’s friends did not know what they were talking about. Finally, God restores Job’s health, makes him twice as rich as he had been before, and gives him ten more children. This book tells us that God is in control of everything that happens to us. Satan can only do what God allows him to do, within reason of God letting him do it. And when God allows suffering He has ways of making everything turn out okay in the end. Romans 8:28 says to us, â€Å"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. † Our part is to trust God and ask him for strength and comfort, in whatever we go though. God has said in His Word that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). The question in Job is how to read his suffering back to his sin, his suffering as against the apparently easygoing life of his friends. The book of Job does not give any specific answer except to calm the opinions of his friends and it opens possibilities in the greatness of God. Better things are at stake and better things will happen to Job and his friends (Henry 651). Another example of suffering in the bible is the story of Joseph. Joseph was the favored child of Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham. Joseph had a bunch of brothers who hated him, since their father gave Joseph attention and gifts that he did not give to the other brothers. Joseph’s brothers then got jealous of him and sold him into slavery. Joseph became the head of the household of a rich man, Potiphar. However, due to false accusations, Joseph was thrown into prison for several years. He was eventually let out because of his ability to interpret other people’s dreams. He became a major authority of Egypt and gathered food for the country since he knew through dreams that famine would come to the land. When famine did come, people from the surrounding lands came to Egypt for food. Joseph’s brothers showed up in Egypt to get food and after playing some games with them, Joseph forgave his brothers and took care of his family in Egypt (Genesis 37-50). Though he experienced years of bondage and misery, Joseph’s character was refined and strengthened by his trials and sufferings. If God had not allowed Joseph’s years of suffering, he never would have been such a powerful agent for social justice and spiritual healing (Keller 24). Many people have to admit that most of what they need for success in life came to them through their most difficulties and painful experiences in life. Some look back on things like a major illness or other hardship and recognize that it was a hard time and they found personal and spiritual growth for them. One man lost the sight in his eyes and he said that it humbled him. â€Å"As my physical eyes were closed but my spiritual eyes were opened. I was a terrible price to pay yet I must say it was worth it. † Though people are not grateful for the tragedies that happened to them, they would not trade the wisdom, character, and strength they had gotten from their experiences (Keller 25). Psalm 119:71 says: â€Å"My suffering was good for me, for it taught me to pay attention to your decrees. The New Testament shows us two ways of understanding. The first is that there is a mass suffering which must be paid for by sinful humanity. The price will be paid by humanity in human history and paid in full. The second answer is Jesus. Jesus, who took sin upon himself to cover the sins of the universe for us. Jesus did three things to solve the problem of suffering. First, he came. He suffered with us. Second, in becoming man he changed the meaning of our suffering: it is now part of his work of redemption. Third, he died and rose. Dying, he paid the price for sin and opened heaven to us; rising, he transformed death from a hole into a door, from an end into a beginning (Kreeft, online). The cross reveals that suffering may be made into something redemptive. If a disciple of Christ accepts suffering upon him in God’s wisdom and love, and also takes upon him the cross, knowing that final answers rest with God in another world. A theologia crucis means the theology of the cross. This term determines God hidden in suffering and humiliation of the cross of Christ. Luther used the phrase Deus crucifixus, which means â€Å"a crucified God,† as he speaks of the manner in which God shares in the sufferings of Christ. It was the late twentieth century that it was the â€Å"new orthodoxy† to speak of a suffering God. Traditional theology declared that Jesus Christ was indeed God incarnate. Therefore it seems to follow that God suffered in Christ. Christ suffered in his human nature, not divine. Thus God did not experience human suffering and remained unaffected by the aspect of the world (McGrath 221). God came to earth to put himself on the hook of human suffering. God experienced the greatest depths of pain. On the cross he went beyond even the worst human suffering and experienced cosmic rejection and pain that exceeds ours as infinitely as his knowledge and power exceeds ours (Keller 30). The Bible says that Jesus had to pay for our sins so that someday he can end evil and suffering without having to end us. The twentieth century faced a lot of suffering during their time. Two world wars broke out, increasing weapons and natural disasters. It is the impossible sufferings of the Holocaust that has raise the most questions about human evil and a God of love. Kenneth Surin, in light of the horrors of Auschwitz, declares a ‘rupture’ of language and need for unbelief as well as belief in relation to God’s apparent inaction (Atkinson 825). So then why does God allow suffering to continue on? Honestly we don’t know the answer that question. The answer is not that God does not love us. He is not indifferent or detached from our condition. God takes our misery and suffering so seriously that he was willing to take it on himself (Keller 31). Jonathan Edwards concludes: â€Å"The suffering which Christ endured in his body on the cross were yet the least part of his last sufferings. If it had been only the sufferings which he endured in his body, we cannot conceive that the mere anticipation of them would have been such an effect on Christ. † James 1:2-4 says â€Å"When troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing. † How are you supposed to consider things joy that make you suffer? You are not supposed to consider it joy that you are going through the suffering but what you get out of and learn from the suffering afterwards is supposed to be joyful. You can use your story of suffering to help someone else that is going through the same thing. It is always a blessing to know someone who has gone through the same troubles that you are going through, because they usually have some helpful words of comfort and wisdom in helping you as well. Corinthians 1:4 tells to us â€Å"he comforts us in our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. † God lets you go through these trials and suffering to see whether your faith in Him is real and if you rely on him to help you through it. Sometimes God sees the need to put us through things to make us stronger. Paul tells us in II Timothy 2:3 â€Å"Endure suffering along with me as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. † Although there might not seem to be any logical reason to us for the troubles and sufferings that we often face, but God always has a reason. Sometimes He’s just trying to make us tougher. According to Galatians 5:22, a Spirit-filled Christian is supposed to be longsuffering. Sometimes God lets us suffer o teach us patience. Romans 5:3 says â€Å"We can rejoice when we run into problems and trials for we know that they teach us to develop endurance. There are many reasons why God lets us suffer. He knows what is best for us, and he does not make mistakes. Romans 8:28 says God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

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The Future of Your Job Search Findings of Career Jam 2016

The Future of Your Job Search Findings of Career Jam 2016 Each year, I look forward to reading the results of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium’s Career Jam, a day-long meeting on a range of topics  addressing job search trends. This week, the Findings of 2016 Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast the New the Next, has been released by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium! This report summarizes the findings of a host of brainstorming sessions held on December 9, 2016 in the United States, Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Career Jam participants discussed topics with significant ramifications for job seekers: â€Å"best practices, innovations, trends, new programs, new processes, and other observations that are currently impacting, and are projected to impact, global employment, job search, and career management.† The sections that most interest me in the report are â€Å"Career Marketing Communications† and â€Å"Social Media Profiles†¦Ã¢â‚¬  which include resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, as well as other career marketing communications. I also wanted to highlight a couple of items for job search strategy. Here are some of the findings and advice to keep in mind as you conduct your job search now or in the future: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Other Career Marketing Communications: Current Trends Resumes are not dead! Most hiring managers still require a resume at some point in the hiring process, and your resume WILL make an impression. Resumes fulfill 3 important roles: Demonstrating a clear value proposition, introducing stories to spark interview questions, and a foundation for salary negotiations. The resume writing process is at least as valuable as the resume. Working on a resume or other career document forces you as a candidate to assess your specific value and accomplishments. This process builds confidence and leads to better interview performance. Attention spans are shrinking. So keep your resume short, focused and streamlined! Resume writers, whether professional or candidates themselves, must keep both ATS and humans in mind. Writing a resume has become a complex (but not impossible!) task as writers must satisfy both machines and humans with proper format and keywords. Use Microsoft Word for your resume. It’s hands-down the overall preferred format. Powerful, consistent branding and value propositions are essential. Use the top third of your resume to sell yourself and pique reader curiosity. Candidate brochures, creative formats, and marketing kits are replacing traditional resumes in some markets. This is especially true in technical and engineering fields, as well as creative fields. Skills-based resumes, or functional resumes, continue to be frowned upon. Don’t use them. Hard-copy resumes and cover letters  can get the attention of hiring managers. You will stand out if you use snail mail as part of your job search strategy! Testimonials are becoming more common on resumes. Use authentic quotes from reputable references to make yourself stand out! Be careful with your address information. It’s okay to leave street address information off any resumes posted publicly. But if you’re sending a resume directly to a recruiter or hiring manager, it’s best to include full address details. Follow up after your interview! Write an email and snail mail thank you letter. â€Å"Stay top of mind without being aggressive or annoying.† Resumes, Cover Letters, and Other Career Marketing Communications: What to Expect â€Å"Expandable resumes† – These resumes will consist of a main document that provides basic information and links that expand to view additional information. They will be easy to read on a screen, archivable, searchable, and print-friendly. â€Å"Splash pages† – Honestly I’m not sure why these are being referred to as â€Å"splash pages,† which I understand to be web-based marketing tools. But the consensus that in lieu of business cards, job seekers will create 1-page marketing sheets, which I call â€Å"one sheets,† similar to those used by speakers and authors. While employment application standards are aligning more across countries, applicants still need to be aware of geography-specific requirements. See 7 Essential Elements to Consider When Writing an International Executive Resume. Social Media Profiles, Video Bios, Web Portfolios and Other Multimedia Tools: Current Trends Many of these recommendations can be found in my book, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile. It’s good to see people are listening and also confirming what works! LinkedIn profiles should almost always be written in the first person. Tell your story personally to engage your reader, and use headings and/or highlights for an easy read. LinkedIn headlines must reflect your brand through titles and keywords that speak your potential employers’ language. The strongest LinkedIn profiles relay specific examples that connect your work experience to your overall brand. Go beyond what’s in your resume in sharing stories and examples. List a current position on LinkedIn to rank higher in search results. Include keywords not just in your LinkedIn headline but also in your job titles to appear higher in search results. Adding connections and expanding your network will improve your ranking on LinkedIn as well. Include a call to action in your LinkedIn summary. You do not have to reveal your employment status in the call to action unless you want to do so. Fill in all sections of your LinkedIn profile. This will not only increase your visibility on LinkedIn, but when you apply to jobs that pull in information from your LinkedIn profile, you will be sure to have a complete application with robust information. There are still a few professions where LinkedIn is not highly valued. These include medicine, education, and the arts. LinkedIn InMail is unlikely to get you in front of hiring managers and recruiters. Many of the people you’re trying to reach block their InMail or do not respond to unsolicited messages. Instead, use your networks to get connected with recruiters. Or use LinkedIn to get your intended recipient’s email address and write to them outside of LinkedIn. There is a direct correlation between activity and LinkedIn and a shortened job search! E-portfolios and a personal website are a great way to provide information the way you want it. These venues are particularly useful in design fields and for candidates with unconventional career paths. LinkedIn is very helpful for networking and research. Look at profiles of other people with positions like yours, and follow the activity of companies where you might like to work, as well as similar companies in your industry. Social Media Profiles, Video Bios, Web Portfolios and Other Multimedia Tools: What’s Next It’s increasingly important to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. Post your original content on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, your personal blog, and (not mentioned in the Career Jam report) beBee! Don’t go crazy creating a video resume. Video resumes are not predicted to catch on. But you will gain a competitive advantage by including video on your social media profiles, demonstrating your expertise and creativity. LinkedIn might fade in importance, making personal websites and other social media and recruitment sites more popular. These alternative venues would be more flexible than LinkedIn and allow candidates to highlight their expertise more completely. LinkedIn groups have an uncertain future, while beBee is on the rise. I just joined beBee and will discover more about its effectiveness in the coming months. Job Search Strategy Networking and referrals are still king for getting into a company. Employers prefer to hire internal candidates or external candidates with an internal referral. Candidates who access the â€Å"hidden job market† are the most effective in their searches. Want assistance on how to do that? Check out the Job Search Success System. While all that advice might be overwhelming, you can break it down into bite-sized pieces and create a very effective job search. The Executive Expert and The Essay Expert are here if you want individualized assistance in creating the best possible career documents for your success! Read more about the New and the Next in How Employees are Screened, Interviews and Hired; Personal Branding and Online Identity Management; Strategies for Workplace Success and Advancement; and other important career topics at Findings of 2016 Career Jam: Where Experts Forecast the New the Next.

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A Study On Child Abuse English Language Essay

A Study On Child Abuse English Language Essay The issue of child abuse is an increasing concern worldwide. Whether the country is developed or poor, child abuse still exists in every region in some form. The common forms of child abuse include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. The definition of child abuse, according to Professor Vincent Iannelli, is â€Å"harm to, or neglect of, a child by another person, whether adult or child† (Iannelli 1). Even though this common definition is applicable in most cases of child abuse all over the world, there are some forms of child abuse that exist in a specific region which are different from those found in another area. Sexual and physical child abuse both exist in countries like Pakistan and America, however the type of emotional abuse seen in Pakistan is very different from the type seen in America. While factors such as tumultuous economic and political conditions, child labor, and kidnapping scar Pakistani children emotionally, beatings, rape, molestation, and neglect due to recurrent stress are the common forms of abuse in America. Child abuse in Pakistan over the years has grown because it reflects upon the weak economic and political state of the country. Poverty and austere living conditions are some of the factors that account for this existence of child abuse. The fact that poverty encompasses nearly 60 percent of the nation leads to events which result in abuses. Most of Pakistan’s population lives in squalid slums where the children are forced to help in the survival of their families (Galpin, 1). However, dire measures are taken for this survival. Typically one sees children on the streets begging with arms mutilated and scars across their face. The common theory goes that these children have had a harsh life; rather its just that these children have been purposely abused to gain them pity so that they can be given money. This desperate need for survival also leads to child labor. The problem with this is that this means a child will have to work in various environments, which are usually dilapidated. Thus the child is exposed to numerous threats and he/ she becomes a victim of abuse. In America, however, this type of abusive mentality does not commonly exist. The abuse existing in America is mostly due to stressful lives or frustration. â€Å"Almost half of Americans say that they are increasingly stressed about their ability to provide for their family’s basic needs† (â€Å"APA† 2). Unlike Pakistan, the solution to this type of financial stress, however, is not child labor. Child abuse is a major concern these days and a lot is being done in America to prevent this. In Pakistan, however, a poor political administration causes child abuse to be more likely. Statistically, there are more reported cases of child abuse in the Unites states than Pakistan. In the year 2007, 3.2 million child abuse cases were reported in America (â€Å"Childhelp† 1). In Pakistan, there were nearly 1,600 r eported cases of child abuse in the year 2007 (Khan, 1). However, the difference in the size and population of the United States and Pakistan, along with the fact that nearly 80% of child abuse cases in Pakistan are unreported, shows that a statistical comparison of the two countries cannot be accurate (Khan, 1). Pakistan’s statistics show that there is a lack of consideration being given to child abuse by the political administration in Pakistan. Laws against child abuse, in fact, exist, but there is not a strong, central government to enforce these laws. Thus, the perpetrators of these crimes are encouraged. In comparison, there are strict laws in America that are enforced strongly to prevent child abuse.

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Mount Carmel High School Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mount Carmel High School - Assignment Example The Mount Carmel High School is being launched to prepare students for the Crimson College. Till now, Crimson College has received students from other schools in the district. It will continue to receive other students. However, henceforth first preference will be provided to students from its own school, the Mount Carmel High School. The Mount Carmel High School is being launched as a premium school with modern methods of learning. The school will engage its students in critical thinking, analysis, research and other resources that will markedly depart from the traditional pedagogy teaching alone. The school is open to students of all culture and beliefs without discrimination on the basis of race and religion. Learning by appropriate use of pedagogy, interactive technology, group discussions, and analysis will be encouraged. Students will also be encouraged to be involved in arts, music, and learning foreign language. The learning curve with consist of medium that engages the students' interest from their early days in school. There will be extra curricular activities such as publishing of magazine, elocution, dance, and annual fair for the development of students' mental faculties. Activities are aimed with the child's all-round development in view. The school is expecting to start with the 6th grade with 80 students. This grade will be divided into four sections. So the teacher-students' ratio will be not more than twenty students per teacher at any given time. Curriculum The curriculum will consist of the key subjects, viz. language, mathematics, science, and social science. English will be the main language. Mathematics will comprise algebra and geometry. Students will have the options of studying the subjects through pedagogy, interactive technology or both. The options to study will be monitored regularly through appropriate tests. The students will be given enough time for learning and evaluations. The students will also be encouraged to engage in group discussions, make notes and evaluations and use these in determining answers. The school will have enough computers for the purpose of interactive learning. Introductions to each subject will be done by pedagogy. In case a student misses the introduction, he or she has the option to learn it from other students or seek the teacher's assistance after prior intimation (Primary Core Curriculum Studies, 2007). Teachers will keep note of individual learning skills and needs and engage students keeping these in view. It will be the teachers' responsibility that students learn chapters of different subjects within the prescribed time. In case certain students are unable to grasp

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Important Symbols in the play Trifles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Important Symbols in the play Trifles - Essay Example Generally, the setting of the play is somewhat focused in the kitchen and the staff. The kitchen stuff is irritably prescribed by men as worthless. Furthermore, there are other things in the kitchen including sewing box, shawl, apron and quilt. These paraphernalia then wonder whether Mrs. Wright is going to not or quilt her half-finished quilt. Susan Glaspell uses symbolism as device to highlight certain issues that afflict women. Additionally, Glaspell ingeniously uses this symbolic feature to bring to the limelight the view and perceptions that men have toward women (Glanspell 45). This point, therefore, brings to us how careful Glaspell was in choosing her characters. Her female characters make us see that men assume that women more often than not, worry unnecessarily about worthless and or unimportant issues. This kind cynicism concludes that it’s only men who associate themselves with important matters that will never across the minds of women, or slip out of their mouths while they are discussing. Come to think of it, the male characters spend in the whole play searching for solutions to solve a murder case. Ironically, however, it is the two female characters, Mrs. Hale and Peters, that is, who finally get the evidence and solve resolutely the murder case, not the two men. Canary bird in the cage is one of symbol that Glaspell brilliantly uses in his play. For one thing, this canary bird represents Mrs. Wright herself and her heart. The bad is capable of singing sonorously, as Mrs. Wright singed in the church before getting married to her husband Mr. Wright. Come to think of it, she is the bird, caged and confined like a prisoners to woes. Mr. Wright is perfect character who represents the cynicism of men who believe that they rightly own women, and that they have well full control over women. Additionally, Mr. Wright represents the notions of men who think that women have no brains at all, to think correctly. For, instance, the manner in which th e name â€Å"Wright† is written connotes that men always think that they are always right, and that they always think wisely (Glanspell 68). Mr. Wright, sardonic act of killing Canary symbolizes that it is right to murder his wife, Minnie’s personality and freedom. Ideally, the bird before it was killed was associated with peace and freedom. Conversely, after Minnie was married to Mr. Wright, she is hardly seen getting out of the house, and stopped singing in the church. Furthermore, she was no longer known as Minnie, but as Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters eventually find out that the real killer of Mr. Wright is his wife. It is at this point that the two women understood Minnie humiliation over staying in place where there is no freedom. For one thing, Minnie wanted a child, but her husband could not allow it to happen. The killing of Mr. Wright symbolizes that women can stay independently without men. The dirty kitchen is also symbolic. To be true, the dirty k itchen offers a symbolic explanation of the messiness of the kitchen. Ideally, the dirtiness of the kitchen also offers a symbolic interpretation of something. It represents that Mrs. Wright Minnie was now liberal. She was not going ever to wait for anyone. She too was no going to ever fear anyone. We also see that the two women, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters being protective of Mrs. Wright. The two women rose up for Mrs. Wright when she was point blankly criticized for having a dirty kitchen. The two women bravely affirmed that men fail to keep their hands as

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Samsung Mobile Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Samsung Mobile Company - Essay Example Therefore an information audit is vital in determining whether a company is utilizing its information resources adequately to enable it to compete favorably within the business environment. As a result it is evident that an information audit has a major contribution to a company’s information systems strategy. This paper gives a critical analysis of the contribution of information audit to the information systems strategy with special reference to the Samsung Mobile Company which is the case study in this discussion. In addition, the application of competitive intelligence in strategic information system analysis is discussed in this paper with examples of Samsung Mobile Company’s Critical Success Factors being used to discuss how information audit contributes to a company’s information systems strategy. Bateman (1997, p. 167) asserts that it is through an information audit that a company is able to identify all the information resources available to it. Samsung Mobile Company has vast information resources both within and outside the organization. These resources include human expertise. Information can also be obtained through research on specific aspects of business operation such as marketing and training. Identification of the information resources of the company is crucial to enable the management come up with strategic information system strategies. ... These strategies include the development of various computer applications which are to be used in effective management of the company’s resources as a way of facilitating the achievement of objectives. According to Chen et al. ( 2010, p. 233), the production and marketing functions of a company perform optimally when information systems are used to facilitate the production process of a company in addition to the promotion of its brands. This is essential in making a company have a competitive advantage over other businesses dealing in the same line of products. Through an information audit, Samsung Mobile Company will be able to have strategic plans for the application of technology in promotion of its mobile products to have a competitive advantage over its competitors such as Nokia and Sony Erickson. As explained by Dubois (1995, p. 20), an information audit is essential for all organization because it enables them to identify and determine their information needs. Informat ion is very essential in any production company because it acts as the most important resource for the successful achievement of goals and objectives. Samsung Mobile Company should do an information audit to enable its management to make strategic plans on the information technology which is needed to enable the company meet its information needs. For example the company needs information about the political, economic, social and technological environment which will allow it to compete favorably with other mobile manufacturers. However Akhavan, Jafari and Fathian (2006, p. 97) point out that identification of the information needs during an information audit should focus on the information which

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What Is The Irrigation System History Essay

What Is The Irrigation System History Essay Irrigation system consists on taking water from the main water source and diverting it with artificial channels where it used for agriculture needs. This system is dictated by the geographical and geology position. As we know Nile valley civilizations have depended by getting the best use of this river. As Herodotus said Egypt is the gift of the river.The efficiency of these irrigation systems made possible the fertility of the land , so irrigation schemes were not only built, but even maintained. The Nile being one of the most predictable rivers in the world, and has a flood period nearly to one hundred days. There for the agriculture was based in winter crops after the annual floods had subsided. Being only one water source which was hard to control, the irrigation works were based to deal only with peak of the flood along the river bank. In order to descend the water into several basins in succession , they made large flat-bottomed basins. Water, after being drained off to the crops and back into the river at the right time of the growing cycle after it stayed for several days in the fields. Herodotus wrote that the Egyptians get their harvests with less labor than anyone else in the world. The irrigation system got even better after they knew in advance the height of the annual flood. The fluctuations of the Nile floods made the irrigation system quite primitive and food was not stored efficiently. Their irrigation system was primitive and they depended on one winter crop per year. They were not capable to dam the river as a consequence there was no attempt at water storage. The big centers of ancient Egypt civilization, which lay along the river had the possibility for a second crop. The Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom were periods in Egyptian history when strong central government flourished in times of prosperity. Its not clear whether strong central government resulted in effective irrigation and good crop production, or whether strong central government broke down after climatic changes resulted in unstable agricultural production. Dams It was more a giant weir, to hold back some of the annual flood waters coming down the valley, and to divert some of that water, under control, out of sluices and into a canal system. Perhaps the earliest successful technique was to build a diversion dam. The structure is built right across the bed of the stream, and is not merely a cut in the river-bank that takes off some of the water into a canal. Stream valleys with only seasonal flow are the best places to learn dam-building. The dam can be built during the dry season, allowing engineers to learn how to build a successful dam, without having to master also the technique of diverting the stream. The dam can also be maintained or repaired during dry seasons. If the dam fails in flood, it does no more than restore the old flow, and is not catastrophic. Its probably not a coincidence that all the most ancient dams are built across intermittent streams, or wades. So, the daily life could continue its routine. Making good use of all these works they use these as highways to transport all kind of things through water. Not only this, but they could dominate the floods and use it at their favor and take the maximum of their land. The Nile gift enmark beside this was used for food storage in good times. They perfectioned their tools to made all these architechtual wonders for the time. As early as 5000 B.C., nomadic hunter-gatherers of northeastern Africa began to settle by the Nile. They took up a farming life regulated by the riverà ¢Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¢s seasonal rise and fall, growing cereal crops such as wheat and barley. The Nile also provided these Neolithic farmers with ducks and geese in its marshlands and fish in its waters. The early Egyptians harvested papyrus growing wild along the banks of the Nile, using the long, thin reeds to make rope, matting, sandals, baskets, and later on sheets of paper like writing material. Body paragraph 2 Ancient Egyptians had to contend with enormous temperature swings. They looked for a place not only to protect them from heat and cold, but even to storage the food. Because rainfall was in frequent, the main construction material was plentiful sun-baked mud . The basic Egyptian house consisted of a high rectangular enclosure wall and an entry door faced north at the narrow end, a central pool of water just past the entry door, a roofed area raised on columns open at the front. In general these three elements were the main points of all Egyptian houses. In order to feel breezes not possible at ground level, they added stairs leading to the roof. Windows were placed higher in rooms in order to drop the heat down. They were small in size as the Sun shinned brightly all day. Bedrooms incorporated raised alcoves for sleeping and adobe benches along one or more walls for sitting and supporting objects; niches in the walls held small oil lamps. In size, Egyptian homes were comparable to th ose of our time. The workers were needed to built the monumental works. During the spring the Nile flooded, so for three months the workers were taken in their villages by a represented of the pharaoh. While he shouted : In the name of the pharaoh , the soldiers gathered the people and putted in a navy to be transported in the work place and they had to be in the navy for several weeks. After these, they were settled in their provisory homes, where they would stay there for the rest of the time needed to finish the work. The recruits were compesed with food and cloth. They were divided into 500 divisions with 20 men per division. Women made supplementary works for the workers. In their monuments and other architectonic works they represented even the matriarchal and patriarchal system. They showed in statues woman hanging the shoulder to their man. In the Old Kingdom we can see that some columns have the face of a woman. Egyptian temples were placed where spiritual work was done. An arch with a wing disk was always found to the entrance of the temple. They were created with the form of a snake, snake is the maschilism form and Feminism. The feminism and maschilim have to be in balance, so that the ego of every day world has to be left aside in order to enter the cosmic world. The efficient functioning of the temple was made possible by a large staff of priests and other support staff. They served in one lunar month in rotation and during three months of free time after service, they worked in other temples. Every temple was the residence of gods, but there were even libraries, so the priests had to do great work. After entering the temple they were excluded from their social life goods . Body paragraph 3- Many great mysteries surround their vast architectonic works. Their time of building, the way of building is still a main topic of discussion among Egyptologists. They think how it was possible to transport massive blocks through ramps or in which way. A new theory is that of internal ramps. Further more they say the grand gallery served as a high complex to transport the marble stones. Till today the most known theory is that which states the building the pyramid according to the Sirius constellation. Even this theory has some contradictions if we compare the geologic structure, the river base as it was in different years. Putting together lines and marks, which usually helped the workmen keep balance and edge during the groundwork, full size sketches were from time to time used to lay out relatively scale, small-scale architectural details. Egyptians not solely used the 3-4-5 triangle to shred right angles, but that they were also sensitive that identically triangles could be acquired by varying the dimensions, but keeping fixed the proportions between the sides. This is an notable point, which might have had a notable function in the project and construction of pyramids. We have information that the period between The Middle Kingdom square grids were used for two dimensional scenes. Modern studies have proved that the dimensions of mud-brick in ancient Egypt varied from a smaller size used in the early Dynastic Period to larger versions adopted from the Old Kingdom onwards, but their proportions remained more or less the same, with a ratio of about 2:1 between length and width. The surviving drawings barely provide enough information about the two-dimensional layout of the plans, and do not seem to have been the principal instrument to take decisions about the three-dimensional aspects. This gap between the schematic drawings and the actual buildings may have been filled by architectural models, which might have been used to visualize in advance the real appearance of the construction. without the distortions and illusions produced by the adoption of the graphic conventions necessary to reproduce a three-dimensional reality on a two-dimensional surface. Among the mass of votive objects, there are a few architectural models that can be related to the planning and building process. A temple is much simpler by the geometrical aspect compared with a temple. Even their geometry is simple, mathematical knowledge is used during the calculation process. Body paragraph 4- During the Archaic Period it was the peek of good relations between Greece and Egypt. It was the perfect time to transfer artistic and architectural notions between the Egyptians and Greeks This period in Egypt was a time of great artistic and architectural revival. The Rhoikos temple labyrinths clearly associates it with the Egyptian marvel. Significant innovations in Ionian temple architecture of this period greatly resemble long established and commonly implemented elements of the Egyptian colossal architectural tradition. In Naukratis below the astragal on the uppermost part of the column shaft is the Egyptian lotus flower and bud. Similarities are found with the Egyptian colonnade and the Ionic peristyle. the difference being that the central columns of the Egyptian hypostyle hall are far more massive than Ionic. Egyptian architecture has stimulated the imagination of architects in modern times. An interesting similarity is Burnham Root`s Monadnock Building for having heavy sloping lines of an Egyptian pyramid. Not even that, but many modern buildings in Las Vegas and not only are trying to rebuild pyramid like structures. These attract people`s curiosity. Still today the Egyptian architecture opens debate and is still functional. Conclusion The good architecture of dams and the irrigation system made possible that the daily life flows normally. Not only this, but they could dominate the floods and use it at their favor and take the maximum of their land. They used their architectonic knowledge in their favor to build good houses. But the most impressed impact of building the magnificent architectonic marvel from sketch to reality was the slaves daily life in the work place. The life changed even for the temple personnel, which it has not been mentioned in many history books. The most impressed thing was their knowledge used in architectonic buildings. Still today the mystery, debate cover the ancient architectonic works. Even that many centuries have passed, even now days we are fascinated by their architectonic.

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Anthony Burgess :: essays research papers

John Anthony Burgess Wilson was born on February 25, 1917, in Manchester, England. He was raised up by this aunt and later by his stepmother. He studied at Xaverian College and Manchester University, where he studied English language and literature. During World War II, Burgess served at the Royal Army Medical corps. In 1942 he married Llwela Isherwood Jones, who died of alcoholic cirrhosis in 1968. Burgess taught at Birmingham University, worked for the Ministry of Education, and was a teacher at Banbury Grammar School from 1946 to 1950. His first novel, A Vision of Battlement, was published in 1965. In 1954 Burgess became an education officer in Malaya and Brunei. He wrote his first trilogy Time For A Tiger (1956), The Enemy In The Blanket (1958), and Beds In The East (1959). The work â€Å"juxtaposed the progressive disintegration of a hapless civil servant against the birth of Malayan independence†(). Later, Burgess returned to England and was diagnosed as having a cerebral tumor, and given twelve months to live. Burgess busily wrote novels and reviews, so the money can support his wife. However, the doctor made a mistake; Burgess did not have a tumor. The author lived another 33 years, producing over fifty books and journals. Between 1960 and 1964 Burgess wrote eleven novels. The Wanting Seed (1962) â€Å"depicted an overpopulated England of the future, caught up in the alternating cycles of libertarianism and totalitarianism† ( ). In 1962, he wrote his most famous novel A Clockwork Orange, which made him famous as a satirical novelist. In 1971, the novel was made into a film by Stanley Kubrick. The novel was â€Å"born from the growth of teenage gangs and the universal application of B.F. Skinner's behavior theories in prisons, asylums, and psychiatric clinics† ( ). In 1968, Burgess wrote a humorous novel called Enderby (1968), which â€Å"followed the travels of an unconformist poet in England and the continent† ( ). In 1968, Burgess married an Italian â€Å"countess† ( ). In 1972, he was appointed a literary adviser to the Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis. Burgess published in the 1970s and 1980s thirty books, among them The Earthly Powers (1980), â€Å"which is considered by many critics Burgess's finest novel. It was narrated by an 81-year-old successful, homosexual writer, Kenneth Toomey, a figure loosely based on W. Somerset Maugham† ( ).

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Effects of Social Networking Sites Essay

Traffic to social networking sites (SNS) like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace has increased due to ongoing popularity with younger Internet users. Online villainy, such as cyber-bullying and sexting among the younger generations, has become alarmingly frequent through these sites. Recently, teenagers and tweens have not only been the victims, but also the perpetrators of these acts. This growing trend is said to be attributed to the amount of time these children spend on the Internet, mainly on social networking sites. The Internet provides a place where its users feel that their identity is concealed, allowing them to post or distribute harmful things that they wouldn’t normally do in a social setting. Through this younger generation, the online self has found a way to escape from its confinements on the web and work its way into society. Schools are struggling to discipline students who speak out of line to authorities and use crude language inside what is supposed to be a secure environment. Some say that the Internet is causing intelligence and mannerisms to decrease with extended use. Another problem, that is being brought to light, is the evolving form of bullying through the Internet. Parents and educators are having a hard time preventing this due to unfamiliarity they still consider bullying to be a violent act through physical contact. With the new generation, bullying is virtual as well as physical, flip-flopping between settings. The extreme contrast between these two different types of bullying makes the online one both hard to spot, and hard to discipline; the rules are different. Read more:Â  Social Networking Sites and its Impact on Youth The news has reported tragic stories of young adults committing rash acts after enduring online bullying that include: fighting back with escalated violence, sending computer viruses, dropping out of school and even committing suicide. A very small percent of children that are cyberbullied actually talk to their parents about the problem. With Internet violence rising with the increase in social networking sites’ members, younger Internet users must be educated on the dangers of the online world, and the emotional and mental affects that can come from Internet abuse.

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Children Penalties Essay

All through America it seems that juvenile children are committing extremely severe crimes. Fellow classmates and teachers are being murdered by juveniles as young as eleven and thirteen. As a result of this, a major issue has been raised, should children who commit a serious crime face the penalties as and adult? Do these kids know what they are doing? And more importantly do they know the consequences of their actions. The points that I’m going to be outlining are children don’t know/ know the consequences of their actions, harsh punishment has little effect, youths are more mature so they know the consequences of their actions, the notion of justice, children may not have been given adequate role modals, youths should be given harsh punishments so others will not copy them, children grow up with guns and it’s the shooters responsibility not the weapon used. Those who believe that juveniles should receive adult penalties for serious crimes often claim that the young children are not fully aware of the crime they commit and destruction that will affect the victims of the crime. For example in a shooting at Jonesboro, where an eleven and thirteen year old shot dead four school girls and a teacher, critics distinguished that the attack wasn’t committed at the spur of the moment or under the immediate influence of strong emotion. Instead they claim that the killings were highly planned and vigilantly carried out. The two juvenile killers were noted to supplied themselves with a gate away vehicle, wore camouflage clothing, selected a high vantage point form which to shoot, lured their innocent victims out by trigging a fire alarm and waited for the school doors to automatically lock before opening fire. (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 2) The opposing view is that children in their opinion are unable to grasp the consequences of their actions. A child who kills very probably doesn’t realize the finality of death and so does not fully understand what he/she has done when they take someone’s life. Correspondingly, it is claimed that children are unlikely to be deterred for a crime because they are terrified of a cruel punishment. According to this line of disagreement most children are impulsive and have a naive idea in  their own immortality. This means that children are unlikely to think about possible punishments prior to committing a serious crime and are unlikely to be able to even envision penalties like life in jail being applied to them. This point was made by child psychiatrist William Licamele, who claimed, † At age 11 or 12 kid are normally self-absorbed, self centered, magical, they don’t think anything can happen to them, there is going to be no retribution† (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 4) This meaning that the threat of harsh punishment will not prevent them from committing a crime. Thus, it has been argued that applying adult penalties to children who commit serious crimes will have little to no deterrent effect. On the other hand, juveniles should receive adult punishments; fully premeditated murders (like the Jonesboro have been said to be) are no different just because juveniles have committed them. This point questions weather or not the young offenders are adequately aware of the cost of their actions to be held legally liable for them. Mr. Gerard Henderson, executive director of Sydney institute, has summed up this point of arrangement. He claims, † I certainly know what I was doing when I was 13 and 11. I suspect that Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden (shooters at Jonesboro) also know what they were doing† (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 2) Mr. Gerard Henderson also claims, † Those days it is increasingly accepted that most children mature relatively early and that, in an intellectual and recreational sense. Most are relatively independent by 16 † (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 2) This indicates that youth are more mature and so its argued that they are more capable of appreciating the consequences of their actions than children in the past years. Focusing on the punishment of these so called â€Å"more mature† youths is shortsighted, as the cause of the crime committed is probably outside the control of the children. According to this line argument, the general public is more likely to be able to prevent these crimes from occurring if they can  discover why they are happening, rather than focusing on the punishment of the individual offender. This suggests that children who commit serious crimes are most likely victims of developments of society or inside their own families that they are not responsible for. E.g. same authorities have suggested that martial breakdown, the disintegration of extended family and families were both parents work may all be factors contributing to child crime. (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 4) Many people say that it doesn’t matter that a child committed the crime, but that the damaged he/she caused to the victim is the same no matter the age of the perpetrator. Mitchell Weight, whose wife was one of the five killed at Jonesboro claimed, † It doesn’t matter that those were boys. Their age has nothing to do with the fact that they murdered my wife and four others† (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 3) Those who say that the crime and the damage should remain the same despite the age of the offender seem to mean that the punishment should be that same. This argument is based on the notion of justice. Those who affect serious harm to others should be given a proportionately serve penalty for their crimes. Children may have committed a crime that has caused serious harm due to having had luck of guidance and emotional support. The child may suffer from feelings of desertion, alienation and damaged self-esteem. Which can encourage them to lush out at others. Such children may not have been given adequate role modals to help them cope with whatever hardship they will encounter in their lives. Children who lush out at others and become juvenile offenders should receive comparable penalties to adult crimes so that other young people will not copy them. This point was put by Mr. Gerard Henderson, he argued and said that, † The Jonesboro shooting was but the most recent in a wave of schoolyard murders where boys or young men have murdered students and teachers. Who is to say the soft treatment of one young murderer will not encourage another? † (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 3) Societies such as the United States where guns are broadly accepted and where  even young children are trained in the use of guns, are giving young offenders a mean of turning their teenage anger and resentment into homicide. If guns were not so widely available then most of the school shootings would have never happened, the child with the sense of grievance would have expressed it in a form such as fighting, truancy or disobedience in class. It has been claimed that children trained from an early age in the use of guns may be desensitized to potentially grave consequences. Children introduced to guns at an early age may simple regard guns as one more toy. Although guns are widely available that opposing view is that you can’t blame the availability of weapons for any crime committed using them. A local in Jonesboro stated, † You lay a gun on the table and a hundred years from now the gun will still be there, unless someone touches it† (Mclnerney, J, 1994: page 4) This argument is saying that the responsibility for the shooting rests with the shooter, not the weapon. I personally believe that it depends on the offender, weather it was committed from a strong emotion or a planned slaughter. Either way they should first go into a program to help them. But if it was a planned slaughter, at the same time of being in a program they should get punished as an adult so they know that they can’t get away with it and no one else hopefully will not copy what they have done. The issues that I have covered in this essay are that children don’t know/know what they have done, harsh punishment doesn’t work well, youths have grown up a lot more quickly, if they harm someone the offender should get the equal amount of punishment, they have has no good role modals, soft treatment will make other youths copy the offenders crime, guns are part if the youths life from a young age and it’s not the weapons responsibility of the crime that they have committed. Bibliography: Mclnerney, J, 1994 www.echoed.com.au/protected/outlines1/issues.htm Echo Education Services