Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Observation 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Observation 2 - Assignment Example It also appealed to the social-emotional development as Elmo met people on the street. The interaction comprised of exchanging greetings and people helping Elmo find the alphabets. Bob the builder is a fantastic children TV series. Bob is a builder who fixes houses and other household items. For the children, it is educational and fun to learn about tools. In this episode Bob’s saw wears out and he had to replace it (YouTube, 2013). The series shows children how to protect themselves; the character Bob wears a helmet that is a lesson for children to protect themselves when they work around tools and machines. Although the series is gender-neutral, but there is a little hint of associating the tool work with men. I dont find it too dangerous because most of the handymen are males. Handling the tools and machines is relatively easier for men. I would allow my children to watch this series. Children can learn a lot by watching this cartoon series. The series nurtures children’s cognition and also teaches them how to engage with people. It feeds the necessary social intelligence. Kung Fu Panda depicts a team of animals fighting against the enemy to protect their village princess (YouTube, 2014). It is not educational in the sense that it does not teach children how to count or to teach them the alphabets. But it does teach them leadership skills and how to engage with the group. There is also a hint of Chinese/Japanese honor system where the character of panda, Po, is very devoted towards his masters, especially the princess (YouTube, 2014). It teaches children how to honor their mentors. It does not necessarily help educate children about their cognition or emotional intelligence, but it does teach them some values. Sesame Street and Bob the Builder are excellent shows, and there is hardly anything that I would point out as detrimental to child’s development. From the beginning to the end of

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