Saturday, November 2, 2019

Mount Carmel High School Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Mount Carmel High School - Assignment Example The Mount Carmel High School is being launched to prepare students for the Crimson College. Till now, Crimson College has received students from other schools in the district. It will continue to receive other students. However, henceforth first preference will be provided to students from its own school, the Mount Carmel High School. The Mount Carmel High School is being launched as a premium school with modern methods of learning. The school will engage its students in critical thinking, analysis, research and other resources that will markedly depart from the traditional pedagogy teaching alone. The school is open to students of all culture and beliefs without discrimination on the basis of race and religion. Learning by appropriate use of pedagogy, interactive technology, group discussions, and analysis will be encouraged. Students will also be encouraged to be involved in arts, music, and learning foreign language. The learning curve with consist of medium that engages the students' interest from their early days in school. There will be extra curricular activities such as publishing of magazine, elocution, dance, and annual fair for the development of students' mental faculties. Activities are aimed with the child's all-round development in view. The school is expecting to start with the 6th grade with 80 students. This grade will be divided into four sections. So the teacher-students' ratio will be not more than twenty students per teacher at any given time. Curriculum The curriculum will consist of the key subjects, viz. language, mathematics, science, and social science. English will be the main language. Mathematics will comprise algebra and geometry. Students will have the options of studying the subjects through pedagogy, interactive technology or both. The options to study will be monitored regularly through appropriate tests. The students will be given enough time for learning and evaluations. The students will also be encouraged to engage in group discussions, make notes and evaluations and use these in determining answers. The school will have enough computers for the purpose of interactive learning. Introductions to each subject will be done by pedagogy. In case a student misses the introduction, he or she has the option to learn it from other students or seek the teacher's assistance after prior intimation (Primary Core Curriculum Studies, 2007). Teachers will keep note of individual learning skills and needs and engage students keeping these in view. It will be the teachers' responsibility that students learn chapters of different subjects within the prescribed time. In case certain students are unable to grasp

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