Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Starship Troopers essays

Starship Troopers essays Throughout history, humans have thought of ways to improve the many types of technology. Not only has technology created many differences between the lifestyle of each generation to that of the next, but it has changed the way the world views gender relations. Through the movies Starship Troopers and The Lonely, each film demonstrates their perspective on technology and how technology can establish the equality between men and women. The positive use of technology is seen throughout the movie Starship Troopers. In the beginning of the movie, Johnny Rico and his girlfriend, Carmen Ibanez checks their math scores on a virtual scoreboard. A person is able to view their grade by submitting a password and the grade immediately shows up on a screen. This type of technology is well before its time - especially in schools. Upon graduating high school, Rico volunteers for the Mobile Infantry to fulfill his Federal Service. Far from having patriotic motives, Rico has joined the infantry to win the heart of Carmen, who has signed up for the Fleet Academy to become a starship pilot. In the Mobile Infantry and Fleet Academy, technology is at its prime. The guns that the infantry uses are laser equipped. In an infantry targeting exercise, real laser fires from dummy soldiers striking many soldiers. Some of the infantry high-tech weapons include a nuclear missile that can be fired in a bazooka-like canon. Besides that, the entire Fleet Academy is based in space. Even now, there are no space stations of that size orbiting the Earth - let alone an Academy hosting thousands of soldiers. The space ships in the Academy are large and heavily equipped. Never has a ship that colossal ever been sent up in space. Not only are they just large, they are very high-tech as well. Each mother ship has afterburners that are used to escape asteroids or other harmful obstacles. In the middle of the movie, there is a scene where all the mother ships were flying ...

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