Saturday, September 7, 2019

Organized Crime Essay Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organized Crime Worldwide Organization - Research Paper Example Organized crime tends to flourish in countries where legitimate government and civil society is disorganized, weak, absent or untrustworthy. Therefore, it is believed that the strong government and trustworthy law enforcement in the United States makes organized crime more difficult. The American economy is much less dependant on the money produced by organized crime when compared to the organized crime found in other countries. "In Japan, the most serious organized crime problems are almost always related to the notorious Japanese organized crime groups - the yakuza" (Finckenauer 90). The main crimes committed by these groups involve gambling, prostitution, and amphetamine trafficking. The human trafficking of sex workers is an overwhelmingly common crime in Asian countries and while law enforcement officials find it difficult to generalize Japanese organized crime, they do agree that prostitution stands at the head of organized crime in their country. Most of the illegal sex workers found in Japan come from the neighboring countries: Thailand, the Philippines, Colombia, China, and Korea. "Even though Japanese authorities are convinced that yakuza members are heavily involved in the transportation and control of foreign sex workers, but that it is not their number one priority because they believe foreign sex workers are not being forced into their activities, nor is there pressure from the Japanese public to do something about it because many businesses rely on the support of the wealthy crime groups" (Finckenauer 90). Like Japan, organized crime in China is responsible for orchestrating the human trafficking of sex workers, but they also play a role in the country's drug problem.  

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