Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Practitioner Skills for Managers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Practitioner Skills for Managers - Essay Example The paper presents the experience the manager is going through as one which often occurs. Attempting to get an individual to volunteer in doing a hectic but essential task is often quite difficult. However, the project needs to be completed and make sure that such problems do not occur in future. Thus, we must formulate a solution to the dilemma at hand. Managers need to use dilemmas like the one faced by the manager as learning experiences on how to come up with solutions to a similar problem in future. They can use their past experiences and knowledge to draw lessons to counter problems in a professional manner. The manager needs to be open-minded to new upcoming ideas and approach them with knowledge. Communication and talk are essential in defining a solution to the dilemma situation faced by the manager. In any practice, management involves talking with co-workers and assigning them roles to undertake. Conversations between managers and the junior staff are very vital whether it is being conveyed in a formal or informal way. The most important thing is for guidelines and instructions to be communicated well to employees of an organization. Failure to communicate well in advance can impede operations and undertake of tasks within an organization. There are many ways in which a manager like a manager can use. The style chosen must be taken to achieve best intentions. The communication should serve a purpose that is specific. In this case study, the communication should be towards dilemma solving. Effective communication will enable timely completion of projects. The manager should structure the discussion in a way that it aims at giving solutions that are goal oriented rather than emotional. In the meeting the organization to deliberate on the progress of the project, the manager was particularly emotional and temperamental. Effective communication enables the organization to take advantage of opportunities and to enhance the overall performance of the team. A manager needs to inspire performance through communication with co-workers. It should be able to nurture team expertise and skills and also have a fruitful outcome rather than conflicting. A communication between the manager and the staff ought to be able to ensure employees work in unison so as to come up with appropriate options.

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