Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Contributions of Isaac Newton Essay -- Sir Isaac Newton Essays

Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire, on December 25, 1642. He was educated at Trinity College in Cambridge, and resided there from 1661 to 1696 during which time he produced the majority of his work in mathematics. During this time New ton developed several theories, such as his fundamental principles of gravitation, his theory on optics otherwise known as the Lectiones Opticae, and his work with the Binomial Theorem. This is only a few theories that that Isaac Newton contributed to the world of mathematics. Newton contributed to all aspects of mathematics including geometry, algebra, and physics. Isaac Newton was born into a poor farming family in 1642 with no father. Newton's father had passed away just a few months before he was born. His mother intended Newton to become a farmer but his lack of interest and the encouragement of John Stokes, Master of the Grantham grammar school and that of his uncle, William Ayscough, led to his eventual admission to his uncle's college. Trinity College, Cambridge, as a student on June 5, 1661. As a boy in Grantham, Newton had been intolerable to his servants and found it difficult to get along with his fellow grammar school peers. As a student, he bought his own food and paid a reduced fee in return for domestic service, a situation that appears unnecessary in view of his mother's wealth. In the summer of 1662, Newton experienced, some sort of religious crisis which led him to write, in Sheltonian shorthand, his many sins, such as his threat to burn his mother and step-father. As a student at Cambridge Newton found himself among surroundings which were likely to develop and enhance his powers. In his first semester Newton happened to discover a book on astrology, but cou... ...Works Cited: 1. Isaac Newton. Picture of Artwork. 17 Feb. 2015>. 2. Newton' Telescope. Picture of Object. 1670-1720. 17 Feb. 2015 3. Newton Refracting Light. Picture of Artwork. 17 Feb. 2015 . 4. Newton Sees Falling Apple. Drawing. 17 Feb. 2015 5. Principia. Picture of Book. 17 Feb. 2015 6. A. "Isaac Newton." Galenet. 16 Feb. 2015 . B. "The Newtonian Moment." ProQuest. 17 Feb. 2015>. C. "Newton on Mathematics." ProQuest. 17 Feb. 2015>.

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