Thursday, September 12, 2019

What is the foundationalist response to the Pyrhhonian sceptical Essay

What is the foundationalist response to the Pyrhhonian sceptical challenge - Essay Example The general argument is that knowledge needs justification (Striker, 72). However, the Pyrhhonian skeptical challenge presents a totally different opinion, which in itself does not reject that knowledge requires justification, but rather offers that the only true way is to remain non-judgmental (Casey, n.p.). Thus, it can simply bee said that the Pyrhhonian sceptical challenge was inspired by ethical concerns, which holds that it is not right to judge that a person does not know, since such a person may not even that he does not know, and thus he might know something after all (Burnyeat, 133). The fundamental principle of the Pyrrhonian Skepticism is that in matters of opinion, observing quietude is noble, while in matters concerning things that are unavoidable, adapting moderate feelings is the most appropriate approach. The essence behind this principle of Pyrrhonian Skepticism is that; a person, who spends his entire life giving opinions regarding anything that is in nature as eit her good or bad, spends his entire life in a disquiet state (Striker, 77). The disquiet in the life a person who keeps categorizing the things off nature as either good or bad emanates from the fact that such a person keeps avoiding the things he considers to be bad in life, while at the same time chasing the things he considers good, yet spending all his energy in trying to avoid losing the goods he considers good, which he has already achieved (Burnyeat, 135). On the contrary, a person who neither opines on anything as either good or bad does not shun or pursue anything eagerly, which then means such a person is unperturbed in life (Striker, 71).

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