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Important Symbols in the play Trifles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Important Symbols in the play Trifles - Essay Example Generally, the setting of the play is somewhat focused in the kitchen and the staff. The kitchen stuff is irritably prescribed by men as worthless. Furthermore, there are other things in the kitchen including sewing box, shawl, apron and quilt. These paraphernalia then wonder whether Mrs. Wright is going to not or quilt her half-finished quilt. Susan Glaspell uses symbolism as device to highlight certain issues that afflict women. Additionally, Glaspell ingeniously uses this symbolic feature to bring to the limelight the view and perceptions that men have toward women (Glanspell 45). This point, therefore, brings to us how careful Glaspell was in choosing her characters. Her female characters make us see that men assume that women more often than not, worry unnecessarily about worthless and or unimportant issues. This kind cynicism concludes that it’s only men who associate themselves with important matters that will never across the minds of women, or slip out of their mouths while they are discussing. Come to think of it, the male characters spend in the whole play searching for solutions to solve a murder case. Ironically, however, it is the two female characters, Mrs. Hale and Peters, that is, who finally get the evidence and solve resolutely the murder case, not the two men. Canary bird in the cage is one of symbol that Glaspell brilliantly uses in his play. For one thing, this canary bird represents Mrs. Wright herself and her heart. The bad is capable of singing sonorously, as Mrs. Wright singed in the church before getting married to her husband Mr. Wright. Come to think of it, she is the bird, caged and confined like a prisoners to woes. Mr. Wright is perfect character who represents the cynicism of men who believe that they rightly own women, and that they have well full control over women. Additionally, Mr. Wright represents the notions of men who think that women have no brains at all, to think correctly. For, instance, the manner in which th e name â€Å"Wright† is written connotes that men always think that they are always right, and that they always think wisely (Glanspell 68). Mr. Wright, sardonic act of killing Canary symbolizes that it is right to murder his wife, Minnie’s personality and freedom. Ideally, the bird before it was killed was associated with peace and freedom. Conversely, after Minnie was married to Mr. Wright, she is hardly seen getting out of the house, and stopped singing in the church. Furthermore, she was no longer known as Minnie, but as Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters eventually find out that the real killer of Mr. Wright is his wife. It is at this point that the two women understood Minnie humiliation over staying in place where there is no freedom. For one thing, Minnie wanted a child, but her husband could not allow it to happen. The killing of Mr. Wright symbolizes that women can stay independently without men. The dirty kitchen is also symbolic. To be true, the dirty k itchen offers a symbolic explanation of the messiness of the kitchen. Ideally, the dirtiness of the kitchen also offers a symbolic interpretation of something. It represents that Mrs. Wright Minnie was now liberal. She was not going ever to wait for anyone. She too was no going to ever fear anyone. We also see that the two women, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters being protective of Mrs. Wright. The two women rose up for Mrs. Wright when she was point blankly criticized for having a dirty kitchen. The two women bravely affirmed that men fail to keep their hands as

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