Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Samsung Mobile Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Samsung Mobile Company - Essay Example Therefore an information audit is vital in determining whether a company is utilizing its information resources adequately to enable it to compete favorably within the business environment. As a result it is evident that an information audit has a major contribution to a company’s information systems strategy. This paper gives a critical analysis of the contribution of information audit to the information systems strategy with special reference to the Samsung Mobile Company which is the case study in this discussion. In addition, the application of competitive intelligence in strategic information system analysis is discussed in this paper with examples of Samsung Mobile Company’s Critical Success Factors being used to discuss how information audit contributes to a company’s information systems strategy. Bateman (1997, p. 167) asserts that it is through an information audit that a company is able to identify all the information resources available to it. Samsung Mobile Company has vast information resources both within and outside the organization. These resources include human expertise. Information can also be obtained through research on specific aspects of business operation such as marketing and training. Identification of the information resources of the company is crucial to enable the management come up with strategic information system strategies. ... These strategies include the development of various computer applications which are to be used in effective management of the company’s resources as a way of facilitating the achievement of objectives. According to Chen et al. ( 2010, p. 233), the production and marketing functions of a company perform optimally when information systems are used to facilitate the production process of a company in addition to the promotion of its brands. This is essential in making a company have a competitive advantage over other businesses dealing in the same line of products. Through an information audit, Samsung Mobile Company will be able to have strategic plans for the application of technology in promotion of its mobile products to have a competitive advantage over its competitors such as Nokia and Sony Erickson. As explained by Dubois (1995, p. 20), an information audit is essential for all organization because it enables them to identify and determine their information needs. Informat ion is very essential in any production company because it acts as the most important resource for the successful achievement of goals and objectives. Samsung Mobile Company should do an information audit to enable its management to make strategic plans on the information technology which is needed to enable the company meet its information needs. For example the company needs information about the political, economic, social and technological environment which will allow it to compete favorably with other mobile manufacturers. However Akhavan, Jafari and Fathian (2006, p. 97) point out that identification of the information needs during an information audit should focus on the information which

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