Friday, August 30, 2019

Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Simulation Essay

1. Cad-Mex has a moral obligation to its publics to act as a responsible citizen. Corporate social responsibility demands that the company looks into the welfare of the communities in which it operates. At the same time the stakeholders of Cad-Mex demand that the company be managed prudently and generate a return on their investments. A price reduction in the face of an epidemic appears to be the best course of action that the company takes. By insisting that local companies can make generic versions of the drug, the government is in further breach of the contract signed by both parties. Suing the government for its actions may lead to expensive litigation costs and cancelling of the contract. Agreeing to work with the government under the new rules will endear the authorities to the company and improve chances of future business. In both cases the ethical issues weigh heavily in the decision making process as the company does not want to lose the investments already made and at the same time it wants to avoid further losses. See more: Defining research problem and setting objectives Essay 2. After agreeing to report for work on some Sundays during the year, one of the managers turned around and claimed that his faith could not allow him to. He insisted that he must attend church and was entitled to one day off per week. His decision was bound to cause dissension as other manages had sacrificed their Sundays to work for the company; most of them were also regular church goers. In trying to settle the matter amicably it is important the core values of the company should be observed. The company wants to be recognized as a fair employer that appreciates the vital role that cultural diversity plays in the workplace but at the same time needs employees to honor their agreements and give their best efforts to the successful implementation of the company’s goals. Teamwork is a crucial aspect in work situations and because one manager has reversed his decision to work without considering the backlash it may precipitate, it will be in the company’s best interests to relieve him of his duties. The raison d’Ã ªtre will be his failure to be part of the team and not his religious obligations to go to church.

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