Friday, August 23, 2019

Implementing Strategic Sourcing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Implementing Strategic Sourcing - Essay Example hat provides organizations with the right kind of assistance, enabling them to conduct business within their competency level, while not having to handle issues related with employee incompetence. Cisco, a renowned leader in ensuring a high level of global connectivity, collaboration and augmenting communication channels has grown to a level of 73000 employees, and the organization operates on a global front. The company has registered remarkable progress in its bid to use innovation to transform the means of communication and internet connectivity. The company resolved to focus on reinventing its corporate culture, and overview of its financial services. Considering its global operations, it encountered challenges in ensuring that the cultural and financial aspects of its venture were well addressed, especially because of the pertinent diversity. Therefore, Cisco opted to outsource chief accountants, who would focus on the management of the taxation, statutory requirements and accounting roles (Kling, 2012). As the company diversified into many more nations, it adopted the entity support model, and established a partnership that handled accounting responsibilities and took charge of global operations. The company has registered smooth running of its operations and effective finance managements as well as successful global operations. In 2007, the company settled for an outsourcing venture by signing an agreement with Accenture with the service provider handling accounts, procurement, and management of the documents (Krishna, 2011). This served to solve the challenges that Microsoft was facing, and it has extended the agreement to 2018. Controller workspace and governance workspace are the tools that have served to ensure that Microsoft is satisfied with the efforts of Accenture. In 2012, the clientele of Sprint Nextel soared immensely. At first, the company relied on internal solutions to offer al the required services. However, the need for services became

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