Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Org behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Org behavior - Assignment Example If organizations need to create a differentiating factor and gain a competitive advantage against its competitors, then organizations need to adopt the broad view. Adoption of this method of conducting CSR activities will aid the organization in exploring opportunities of doing business which can not be uncovered by implementing the narrow view. Businesses do not perform alone; they have to give equal importance to external constituencies such as the society and government. By adopting the broad view organizations realize the importance of its dependence on the society to gain a competitive advantage. Organizations that fail to realize the connection between the business and the society fail to stay longer in business and all their efforts of becoming a socially responsible organization ends up in vain. Today the market is full of homogeneous businesses and marketers are experiencing difficult in differentiating their products from the products of the competitors. Under such circumst ances, the adoption of large scale corporate social responsibility activities can help organizations differentiate themselves from their competitors. Organizations that adopt a functional structure are structured in a way so that the organization is divided into different groups or departments and these departments work together to produce goods and services offered by the organization (Hitt, 2005, p.327). These departments are controlled and monitored by head of the organization even recognized as the Chief operating officer who is responsible for making essential decisions and then he coveys these decisions to the lower level staff to operate the organization. This structure is mostly followed by those organizations that work on one product or have small number of homogenous products. Organizations expand and the number of goods and services they produce even increases. For example: Procter and Gambler produce various

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