Thursday, August 8, 2019

Aging (the elderly), the individual, and society Essay

Aging (the elderly), the individual, and society - Essay Example The abuse status outcome was regressed in a hierarchical logistic procedure on indicators† (Zoabi, 2004). The four major explanations for the rise of elder abuse looked at by the author included sociodemographic status, dependency, modernization, and social integration. The author found that these four factors were indeed important in correlating elder abuse in modern society. This research took place in terms of concept in relation to the public’s attitudes about the importance of elder care in this society versus their personal application of these values. The research also considered variables related to quality of care in elderly patients who have particular healthcare needs, such as long-term care. It considered a broad focus of issues dealing with elder care in the present healthcare system and also present recommendations for future changes in the system, based on present problems as identified through survey and literature review. This was a qualitative study that was of the quasi-experimental variety because of its resources. The author highlights how abuse and neglect are too often visited upon older individuals who have lost some degree of their independence, and many areas do not have the programs necessary to effectively counter this threat. There is even abuse and neglect that goes on within healthcare facilities, and this is perhaps the most insidious sort of abuse. In some cultures, the elderly are prized and honored above all other citizens and groups, but unfortunately this is not the case in the present culture of many areas of the western hemisphere. Older individuals are more likely to be seen as being in the way of the young than as role models who should be exalted because of their aged wisdom. Presently, however, many individuals are treated harshly by healthcare facilities and even their own kin, making elder

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