Thursday, August 8, 2019

Philosophy Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Philosophy Research Paper - Essay Example It is also grand and gives one the feel of timelessness and awe. Could this feel of awe have something to do with the design of the building It inspires the passer by with a certain longing to enter and take a look inside. But the building has a larger purpose. It fulfils this purpose by accommodating people, furniture and machines. Moreover, it graces the environment with its aesthetic presence. It seeks to be pleasing to the eye. The BMW building is primarily a piece of art because it has been made with some aesthetics. The building has elegance and grace. Apart from fulfilling its accommodating role, it also fulfills another role as an object that satisfies. It has a shape and form that appears pleasing to the person who sees it. And when the person who sees it and enters it, he finds satisfaction in the building's interior as much as he has found satisfaction in the building's exterior when he observed it from the outside. The BMW structure is also a piece of art for the simple reason that it is stately and robust. It is built with the long term view of withstanding the vagaries of nature to the maximum scale. Perhaps it may not be able to withstand an intensive earthquake. Or it may be able to withstand an intensive earthquake, if it is so designed. Nonetheless, the building is made to last for a significant period of time. Perhaps it is made to last for over 40 or 50 years. ... Perhaps it is made to last for over 40 or 50 years. However, this is a difficult proposition in the present times where buildings are routinely demolished to erect bigger and better ones. The idea is to commercially exploit demand with additional space and attractiveness. The building must look beautiful in order to attract money and enterprises. The building's attraction The BMW monolith is primarily made with a certain objective. It may, perhaps, appear beautiful to one person. But it may not appear beautiful to another. To some people, no matter how elegant, this building is just a piece of block! Hence, we may rather say that the building is sublime. It exudes force. It is made to be primarily strong and robust. However, does this building appeal to the imagination Impressive as it is, maybe there is someone who does not take this building to heart! An object of beauty appeals immediately to the imagination. It does need a reason for an object to appear beautiful. An object of beauty is judged by the sensory faculties of the beholder. A building, by and large, does not make such a fast and conclusive appeal. It may win attention or respect owing to its outward attraction and form. However, beauty is another dimension! Beauty wins immediate attention of the beholder. An object of beauty strikes the beholder at once in depth without any reason. In the case of a building, it may or may not strike the beholder with the same inexplicable suddenness. That is why the BMW building could not be termed as beautiful (Immanuel Kant). The purpose of the building This building has been designed for a specific purpose. It was designed so as to herald its attractive and elegant position. It was designed to abide with the natural

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