Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Ultimate Helmet ( H Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Ultimate Helmet ( H - Assignment Example The effectiveness of this would matter mostly by the willingness of distributors to store and sell this new helmet. The channel would also take care of eliminating extra costs in getting new distributors. The channel would also ensure direct competition between the old helmet and the ultimate helmet. The old mode of distribution involved stocking the product at some online stores and merchant stores countrywide. This would ensure a global availability of our product. Another channel of distribution was identified to improve on the availability of the product. This channel was to identify new overseas sales people from different countries. This mode was established to make sure the ultimate helmet reached those countries that the old helmet was not able to get to due to poor channel of distribution. This would eliminate the need of the company having to first study the tax low in those countries to establish branches. Pricing of the product The pricing of the product is supposed to pl ay a major role in sales made of the ultimate helmet. Taking into consideration the cost incurred in designing and making improvements the ultimate helmet is supposed to be high. A strategy to gain approval of the product had to be identified so that clients would believe they were paying the right price for the product. Different pricing strategies were identified by first dividing the market into two. These two markets are the new market identified and needed to be tapped while the second market was the market where people were using the old helmet. The new market, a penetration price had to be established which had to be lower than the old market price. This price required to be lower because most of these clients were seen as people who owned motorbikes but did not see the need of the helmet. It was established if the helmet was priced so high they would not bother even buying it. The market was seen to exist mostly in developing countries where motor bike ownership is taking to ll in the 21st century. The old market was seen to exist in developed countries like the USA. People who owned motorbikes in these regions were more concerned with their comfort ability due to their high purchasing power. A factor that had to be put in consideration while also setting up the price is that these region stiff competition would be faced due to the existence of the old helmet. The old helmet producer had already established control over the market. It was established the main driver of the marketing would be first draw the attention of the client to the extra capabilities of the ultimate helmet and show them the benefit. This would then make the client buy the new helmet even if the price is higher than the old helmet. Promotion The helmet is supposed to be used mostly by people riding motorbikes and those people who like motorbike sporting. An appropriate channel of advertisement had to be identified with some weighted reason to make sure the product reached the intend ed client. The Medias of advertisement that were identified are as follow: Social media The helmet due to its capability in GPRS location and picking phone is so attractive to the generation. This group of people can be found on social media which includes face book, MySpace and Twitter. Most of these companies allow companies to advertise their product with them for a certain fee. We analyzed the different social media to identify which had many

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