Monday, October 7, 2019

Cause and effect essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cause and effect - Essay Example As a result, ocean waves travels out from the epicenter of the earthquake which rushes landward to the shorelines where the water was recently lowered. The huge ocean wave that strikes the shorelines causes flooding, destruction and disease. Tsunamis cannot be prevented despite its destructive nature. The first effect of the huge ocean waves caused by the tsunami is excessive flooding. The flooding caused by tsunami will literally submerge everything on its path. Tsunamis cause flooding due to the sheer volume of water carried by its massive ocean waves. The ocean waves that go to the lowered shorelines are so huge that it could tower as tall as 1720 feet just like when it struck at Lituya Bay in Alaska in 1958. This huge amount of water brought by the tsunami immediately floods the nearby inlands where the waters were temporarily lowered and subsequently submerges everything on its path. The flooding could submerge an entire community depending on the size of the ocean waves that st ruck the shoreline. The stronger the ocean floor movement and the nearer the shoreline to the epicenter, the larger the ocean waves are causing excessive flooding. The second effect of a tsunami is the deadly push of the ocean wave that will destroy everything on its path. ... The massive waves that characterize tsunamis can be a â€Å"wave train† or a series of powerful waves that would race toward shorelines making its destructive nature exponential by the multiples of its waves (www. Its strength can literally wipe out a community on the shoreline that will strike. This includes human beings, animals, trees and even structures. A strong tsunami is so destructive that it can even damage structures that are designed to withstand strong waves. The third effect of tsunami is disease. After the water of the tsunami has ebbed, it will leave rotting bodies of living things it drowned and plenty of contaminated water that could potentially precipitate an epidemic in the affected area. The diseases that the tsunami aftermath will range from skin diseases to more lethal diseases such as malaria that could potentially make the entire community sick if the disease is not attended. Tsunamis are indeed very powerful forces of nature that is very destructive and frightening. Its aftermath can leave diseases to the community it affected that could potentially make everyone sick. Also, the amount of energy accumulated in the bottom of the ocean that drive the waves of tsunamis are so powerful it can destroy anything that stands on its path. The power of its waves is terrifying because it can kill people and other living things in multitudes. Not even strong structures can withstand the power of a tsunami because it can destroy such structures like as the case of Fukushima plant that was supposed to be protected by a tsunami wall. The huge waves and massive amount of water wrought by a tsunami could flood the communities near the shoreline of its epicenter that could

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