Friday, October 18, 2019

Lean thinking (Layout Planning) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Lean thinking (Layout Planning) - Assignment Example The most exemplary and logical way to accomplish this working criteria would be to designate any two working departments with large amount stock movement proximity so as to save on fuel costs, transportation costs and most importantly operational time. So as to categorize which particular centres frequently have a large amount of stock or inventory movement within the company centres, a work Travel Chart is created to indicate the weekly sum of the activities and travels among the different departmental centres. The table below shows the operation sequence of all the products manufactured by the company. It also shows the respective allocated company sub-sections used during the production of each of the products. Notably, this will aid in appropriate decision making during the layout designing processes. A travel chart is used outline the degree of essential departments’ relativity in the production process. This is carried out via examining the amount or volume of products between each and every different work centres to aid in concluding which department s ought to be developed and stationed close to one another. Here is representational table of the travel chart for these company’s operational activities. Based on the above travel chart as well as the systematic layout planning technique (SLP) the degree of the importance between any two work centres to be allocated close to each other has been determined. In this case scenario the various company processes are represented using numerals. In this case, the number represents the first production process, that is, the guillotine process. Therefore, one can inference from the travel chart that the process number 12 - Pack and 13 - Dispatch work centres both display a high and strongly relative bond in terms of the movement of product between the two centres. Consequently,

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