Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Evaluate a Significant Experience, Achievement, Risk You Have Taken, or Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced and Its Impact on You

I would like to tell you about an achievement that had impact on me, is learning English language. I that that would be easy but I figured that is very hard to learn a new language, learning English helped me a lot. I can understand better movies, songs even people speaking in English, and knowing this language is going to help me to have a better education in university, and in English course I made a new friends. Now I can understand much more English. Knowing English helped me a lot, now when I watch movies I understand better than before. Also songs that I listen I can understand what the singer is trying to say. When I travel with my parents in a different state that don’t speak Albanian I can talk with people in English and it help me a lot. A lot of my cousins continued studies in other countries and I always wanted to go outside of Kosovo to study. Now that I can learn in English I also can go somewhere else. Or I can stay in Kosovo but study in a American University and someday I will have a chance to go outside the state for masters. I can do this thank to English course. In that course I also made new friends, some of them maybe where going to be in same University so when I go in university I will have friends from Peja. And that will help me in first days in university where I’m going to be in totally new city and my life will change. My life change a lot when I learned English, which made me possible to understand better, to have a chance to get a better education, also during that time that I learned English I made new friends. So all those change are because I learned a new language which I can say was hard but had a big value.

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